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Paramount High West

Info & reviews of High Schools (Public) from Paramount, CA; Phone: below telephone number

Write a Review Paramount High West was a High Schools (Public) (public school from Paramount) that was closed in 6.26.1997. The education program and all courses of study at this institution were canceled. We can help you get access to some of the most reputable high schools around Los Angeles county and find an alternative 4-year public high school instead of Paramount High West. Please note that although this school was abolished, reviewers are still able to write reviews of Paramount High West as well as testimonials and references to professors. By using our service, you can find and read reviews of Paramount High West from Paramount city as well as ratings of professors and other school staff.

Phone Number: below telephone number

School Opened: 5.23.1997

Postal Code: 90723-4378

Address: 14708 S Paramount Boulevard, Paramount, California

Website: official website

Administration: an authorized worker

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Paramount High West

High Schools (Public) California Paramount

Evaluation of the Paramount High West is a very important part in a critical review. We asks you to summarise your opinion and evaluate the positives and negatives of this high school. We appreciate all good pieces of student or expert review. Read and write authentic student testimonials, scholarships, and detailed information about student life at Paramount High West. Join the discussion and tell us, what do you think about this public school or ask your own question! You can also browse our list of universities in California.
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