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Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary

Info & reviews of Elementary Schools (Public) from Santa Maria, CA; Phone: (805) 361-7680

Write a Review Reveal this profile and find the most actual information and facts related to Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary school classified in the category of Elementary Schools (Public). Explore a mix of both positive and negative reviews of Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary or ask for a client (student) testimonial. After five or six years of elementary school (primary school), you will attend a local public high school, such as Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary that is considered as Elementary, before joining the right university. By using our service, you can find and read reviews of Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary from Santa Maria as well as ratings of professors before signing up for classes. For more detailed information call: (805) 361-7680 or contact Gayle Vyenielo directly or by using mailing address: 930 West Rancho Verde, Santa Maria (93458-8224).
Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary is an elementary school - the main point of delivery of primary education in the United States Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary is an elementary school also known as board school for pupils aged between 6 and 13 years old living in Santa Maria and surrounding area. Read through key statistics and ranking based on student and parent reviews and find out if Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary is the best elementary school for your children. Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary from Santa Maria was opened in 10.1.1990 at 930 West Rancho Verde, Santa Barbara county. Santa Maria Elementary School District with the District Ownership Code 52 is an institution that approve district budgets but it also functions as an authority that is here to serve as a regional resource for teachers, families and students, who seek an alternative to the traditional high school.
The main advantage and difference between the Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary magnet school and other public schools near Santa Maria is that this type of "magnet" school focuses on a special area of study, such as mathematics, science, geography, performing arts, or career education and may receive additional funding from Santa Maria-Bonita school district to maintain their specialized programs. All students wishing to attend a Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary Magnet/CTA school must submit an application.

Phone Number: (805) 361-7680

School Opened: 10.1.1990

Postal Code: 93458-8224

Address: 930 West Rancho Verde, Santa Maria, California

Website: official website

Administration: Gayle Vyenielo

Why are you interested in Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary from Santa Maria? Do you want to find out the maximum available information and choose the best high school focused on sports (football, basketball, volleyball or athletics), science, research or other fields of activity? Check out the Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary profile, performance trends and California state ranking and find out what steps you need to take to apply for public school records. Visiting Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary is the best way to get to know not only the institution itself, but also its staff, especially teachers, pedagogical and non-teaching staff, psychologists, helpers, but also existing students. Schools should treat us like the customers. We "buy" their services. Be critical and ask for information concerning Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary, school attendance, instruction and access to children in similar schools around Santa Barbara county. Most people spend more time researching their car insurance than education for their children!

Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary - How to pick a public school in Santa Maria?

Ask students and their parents about their opinions on Elementary Schools (Public) and compare them with other reviews. If you are looking for a list of teachers at this school, their assessment, experience and practice, you can talk to the school manager or headmaster. Try contacting Gayle Vyenielo or call: (805) 361-7680. Do you want the most up-to-date information on tuition, curriculum, teachers, school management and sports activities at Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary? Are you having trouble finding enough independent reviews about Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary based at 930 West Rancho Verde and whose profile information was last updated on 8.15.2017? Use our community and ask in the comments.
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Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary

Elementary Schools (Public) California Santa Maria

Evaluation of the Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary is a very important part in a critical review. We asks you to summarise your opinion and evaluate the positives and negatives of this high school. We appreciate all good pieces of student or expert review. Read and write authentic student testimonials, scholarships, and detailed information about student life at Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary. Join the discussion and tell us, what do you think about this public school or ask your own question! You can also browse our list of universities in California.
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