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San Jose

Public schools, middle, secondary and charter schools in San Jose, CA

List of Schools List of general public schools in San Jose Below is a list of public schools in San Jose that you can browse, rate, review or contact to deal with all education affairs and issues related with studying. We provides basic and advanced information about San Jose high schools including name, address, phone number, school district and detailed contact information to both the school management and to professors and staff. We can help you find the right high school or university with gifted and talented programs in San Jose, CA including rankings, test scores, reviews with interesting information about secondary education in your area! If you are an representative of an institution or if you wishes to be listed here, you can submit a new school. The database (dataset) contains all active (pending), closed, or merged public schools and districts in California State as well as top ranked charter, continuation, opportunity and K-12 schools near you.
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We bring you the most up-to-date reviews and evaluation of high schools around San Jose, CA in 2019. Do you or your children meet the criteria a given school in San Jose is looking for? How much does the Vinci Park Elementary, Vineland (Sld/Aphasia) or any similar secondary school cost? What parents say about the education system in Santa Clara county?

2020 Best Public Elementary Schools in the San Jose Area

Are you asking, how can public school rankings become fit for the 21st century? Every parent wants the best for his or her child. We also need to be sure that our kid is safe. This 2020 / 2021 best San Jose public elementary schools ranking is based on analysis of parent and student reviews and aggregated public statistics.
As you can see above, there are different public school choice options in your neighborhood. These options include traditional municipal-based districts near San Jose, magnet or tuition-free charter schools, as well as technical colleges, language immersion schools and virtual or online schools. Read student or parent reviews and see what people are saying about San Antonio Elementary, Cherrywood Elementary or any other Elementary Schools (Public). Remember that each of these schools has it's pros and cons.
Reviews of secondary schools

Reviews of high schools near San Jose

We want to know your opinion on the list of high schools close San Jose. Why? Simply because a quality and relevant content can't be spotted by an algorithm.

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How to choose the top charter schools in San Jose?

Forest Hill Elementary School KIPP San Jose Collegiate
KIPP Heartwood Academy Cornerstone Academy Preparatory School
Discovery Charter School Alpha: Cindy Avitia High
University Preparatory Academy Charter Farnham Charter School
Rocketship Mosaic Elementary Price Charter Middle School
KIPP Heritage Academy Discovery Charter 2

Angry parents plan to fight San Jose charter schools closure

Perhaps some involved parents know, that a charter school in San Jose is fighting to stay open after the school board voted not to renew its lease for next school year. Above mentioned charter school - that has twice been awarded one of the state’s top academic honors - is now fighting to keep its doors open after the Franklin-McKinley School Board voted to not renew its charter.

How many school districts are in Santa Clara County?

For the upcoming 2019-2020/2021 school year, there are more than 400 top public schools in Santa Clara County, San Jose, California and is expected more than 32,000 students.

What are the best rated high schools in San Jose, CA?

Below is the list of top high schools near San Jose close Fremont District, Campbell, East Side and San Jose Unified District. Ranking of the best high schools in San Jose or any other California city is based on test scores, government studies and key statistics. The right San Jose high school should be well-rated by students and parents too.

  1. Lynbrook High. Fremont Union High district
  2. Piedmont Hills High. East Side Union High district
  3. Evergreen Valley High. East Side Union High district
  4. Branham High. Campbell Union High district
  5. Leland High. San Jose Unified district
  6. Leigh High. Campbell Union High district
  7. Silver Creek High. East Side Union High district
  8. Santa Teresa High. East Side Union High district

Statistics and data resources: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Census Bureau and the California Department of Education.

2019/2020 San Jose Middle School Bell Schedule

Warning Bell 8:15am  
Period 1 8:20am 9:15am
Period 2 9:19am 10:11am
BREAK 10:11am 10:21am
Period 3(6) 10:25am 11:17am
Period 4 (5) 11:21am 12:13pm
LUNCH 12:13pm 12:48pm
Period 5 (4) 12:52pm 1:44pm
Period 6 (3) 1:48pm 2:40pm
  • 2019 - 2020/2021 School Supplies Grades 6 – 8 Shopping Lists - depends on the type of school - PDF document

Public School Teacher Salary in San Jose, California

How much does a teacher make in San Jose? The average public school teacher salary in San Jose, California was ca $72,000 in 2019, but the range typically falls between $60,000 - $85,000. What does a public school teacher do? In general, he/she prepares lesson plans and instructs students in an assigned school. 

Additional Cash Compensation:

  1. Average - $72,000
  2. Range - $60,000 - $85,000

Salaries in SJ by job title:

  • Educator - $60K
  • English Teacher - $55K
  • High School Teacher - $60K
  • Instructor - $19
  • Science Teacher - $62K
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