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Public schools, middle, secondary and charter schools in California, CA

List of Schools List of general public schools in California Below is a list of public schools in California that you can browse, rate, review or contact to deal with all education affairs and issues related with studying. We provides basic and advanced information about California high schools including name, address, phone number, school district and detailed contact information to both the school management and to professors and staff. We can help you find the right high school or university with gifted and talented programs in California, CA including rankings, test scores, reviews with interesting information about secondary education in your area! If you are an representative of an institution or if you wishes to be listed here, you can submit a new school. The database (dataset) contains all active (pending), closed, or merged public schools and districts in California State as well as top ranked charter, continuation, opportunity and K-12 schools near you.
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We bring you the most up-to-date reviews and evaluation of high schools around Alamo, CA in 2019. Do you or your children meet the criteria a given school in Alamo is looking for? How much does the Rancho Romero Elementary, Impact Academy of Arts & Technology or any similar secondary school cost? What parents say about the education system in Contra Costa county?

2020 Best Public Elementary Schools in the Alamo Area

Are you asking, how can public school rankings become fit for the 21st century? Every parent wants the best for his or her child. We also need to be sure that our kid is safe. This 2020 / 2021 best Tracy public elementary schools ranking is based on analysis of parent and student reviews and aggregated public statistics.
As you can see above, there are different public school choice options in your neighborhood. These options include traditional municipal-based districts near Hayward, magnet or tuition-free charter schools, as well as technical colleges, language immersion schools and virtual or online schools. Read student or parent reviews and see what people are saying about Ripon High, Burroughs Senior High or any other County Community. Remember that each of these schools has it's pros and cons.
Reviews of secondary schools

Reviews of high schools near California

We want to know your opinion on the list of high schools close California. Why? Simply because a quality and relevant content can't be spotted by an algorithm.

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How many public high schools are in California?

The number of public high schools in California is constantly changing. Some end - for whatever reason - and others try to push through their innovations. Right now, there are approximately 3,800 high schools in California, made up of 3,050 public schools and 750 private schools. This page lists all public and private schools in California. This database contains the profiles of individual schools, regularly updated information related to the type of school, its focus, teachers and students. Our list includes nearly 18,000 public, middle, high, secondary and charter schools across California.

School Type Number of Schools
Elementary 5,800
High Schools 1,300
Middle 1,290
Continuation 420
K-12 360
Alternative (schools of choice) 260
Community day (county) 150
Special education 130
Junior high 50
Other schools 610

Distribution of public school students in California by ethnicity

People are interested in various things. Some of you are wondering what percentage of all public school students in California are students of color? Generally speaking, white (not Hispanic) students are now a minority in California and U.S. public schools. If you look at the table below, you will immediately find that most students are of Hispanic or Latin origin, followed by whites, Asians and African-Americans. Because people are interested in racial / ethnic enrollment in California public schools, we have answers for you.

Ethnicity Percentage
Hispanic or Latino 54.60%
White not Hispanic 22.90%
Asian 9.30%
African American not Hispanic 5.40%
Two or More Races Not Hispanic 3.60%
Filipino 2.40%
American Indian or Alaska Native 0.50%
Pacific Islander 0.40%
Ethnicity not reported 0.90%

Number of school districts in California by type

What is the total number of school districts in California by type? If you search on google, you won't find a clear answer. Some sources report 977 school districts in California, which server more than 6,290,000 students, others - such as ours - say that there are approximately 1,037 school districts in California. The fact is that public school districts can merge or consolidate and therefore the number of districts can change annually.

District Type Number of Districts
Unified 345
Elementary 528
High 76
Other 88
Total 1,037

Largest vs smallest public school districts in California for 2019

All of this data regarding the largest and smallest public school districts in California is part of the California Department of Education's. If you are interested in more advanced statistics on a variety of issues Concerning education in California, please visit for more detailed compilation of statistics and table of contents concerning State Board of Education, education statistics and education requirements. As you can see below, Los Angeles Unified is the largest public school district in California with the largest enrollment. The smallest school district is currently Moreno Valley Unified and San Ramon Valley Unified.

Rank District Enrollment (Largest Districts)
1 Los Angeles Unified 607,723
2 San Diego Unified 124,105
3 Fresno Unified 73,249
4 Long Beach Unified 73,221
5 Elk Grove Unified 63,917
6 San Francisco Unified 60,390
7 Capistrano Unified 53,269
8 Corona-Norco Unified 53,002
9 San Bernardino City Unified 52,773
10 Santa Ana Unified 51,482
Rank District Enrollment (Smallest Districts)
21 Fontana Unified 36,335
22 Fremont Unified 35,544
23 Irvine Unified 35,291
24 Moreno Valley Unified 32,763
25 San Ramon Valley Unified 32,138
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