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Lawyers, Law Firms, Attorneys from California, CA

List of lawyers in California Below is a list of lawyers in California you can contact to deal with all legal affairs and issues related to personal injury in California CA, criminal defense cases, business and tax law, family law concerns and many others legal matters. Attorney search and online comparison of legal representatives will help you find the best law firm in California and surrounding cities and counties. You can also get a free legal help associated with legal matters and court proceedings in California. If you are an attorney from California who wishes to be listed here, you can submit attorney profile.

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Because there are many different types of law fields and lawyers in California who focus on specific legal issues, we will start with the types of lawyers who specialize in the most common legal problems. Before you hire an attorney from California, it is very important to declassify as much details as possible. If you are asking "what kind of lawyer do i need", you are on the right way. Do you have a case and enought money to pay a lawyer to handle the lawsuit in California? The right legal representative can save you a lot of stress during a legal matter. Advocate (barrister or solicitor) can read, draft and review legal documents, mediate legal disputes and negotiations. Your lawyer will represent you in a lawsuit filed by you against any legal or physical entity.
  • Public interest lawyers (nonprofits, low income clients or government)
  • Real estate lawyers (represent parties in real estate deals)
  • Trial lawyers (corporate law or medical malpractice)
  • Criminal defense lawyers (prosecutors and defense attorneys)
  • Personal injury lawyers (automobile accident)
  • Government lawyers (working for government)
  • Private sector lawyers (work for private companies and law offices)
  • Immigration lawyers (deportation and immigration process)
  • Estate planning attorneys (powers of attorney, wills & trusts, deeds)
  • Civil rights lawyers (discrimination, wrongdoing)
Choosing the best lawyer for your legal needs is the most important step as well as "initial consultation" you should attend. Finding a well skilled and experienced attorney in California will enable you to win a lawsuit. We encourage you to browse and compare various lawyers who specialize in many subfields of the law, contact them and ask questions before you hire one.
  • Good communication skills
  • People skills (personable, persuasive and able to read others)
  • Analytical ability and skills
  • Research skills and logical reasoning
  • Attention to detail and time management
Years of experience Hourly rate (estimate)
20+ years $420
11-19 years $370
8-10 years $300
4-7 years $240
1-3 years $200
Paralegals & law clerks $120
When people ask, "how much does a lawyer cost" the answer can vary from $100 to $2000 or more per hour. In some types of legal cases (workers' compensation, contingency fees in personal injury and medical malpractice cases), attorney fees may be limited by law, or subject to judicial review. In certain types of trials the court may impose a statute or award attorney fees.
  • Flat / fixed fees (the fee is paid up front)
  • Pro bono legal representation (free legal work)
  • Hourly rates (hourly rates may discourage from quick work and expedited case resolutions)
  • Conditional fee arrangement (CFA - no win, no fee lawyers)
  • Contingency fees (cannot be used in divorce and child custody cases, criminal cases)
  • Private Legal Services (prepaid legal services)
  • Public Legal Services (businesses, individuals, federal, state and governments)
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