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Car insurance agents & companies in Los Angeles, California

Insurance companies in Los Angeles Finding an independent insurance agent in Los Angeles may be difficult. We are here to help you find the best insurance policy and coverage that is more closely tailored to your individual needs. Below is a list of carriers, agents, brokers and insurance companies around Los Angeles, who are licensed by a state's insurance department to sell various types of insurance policies, such as: health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, homewner's and car insurance in Los Angeles. Learn how to compare insurance quotes from leading national providers, find and hire the most skilled insurance broker or agent, get the best rates and save on your insurance policy.
Los Angeles is a very large city, one of the world's centers of business and most people are surprised with the quantity of insurance agents and services they provide to clients. We can help you find well-rated insurance carrier in this city and buy an affordable auto insurance policy. To get started finding cheap car insurance in Los Angeles, CA just enter your keyword (zip code, city, name, license) in the box below and browse individual profiles.

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How to choose an insurance broker near you that provide solutions tailored to client needs? Whether you need a car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance, or some specific insurance plan, contacting a private insurance company (captive agent) directly can limit the number of choices available for you (the purchaser). We have some suggestions for finding the right insurance agent or independent broker in Los Angeles. If wish to speak with an insurance agent or broker representing an insurance company in your state, you can browse our database (list) of insurance agents in Los Angeles, compare different profiles, write and read reviews and resolve questions of common interest. By using our service, you can check insurance agency website, detailed contact information or social networking sites.
  • Ask for referrals, reviews and customer rating
  • Decide lf agent's location is important
  • Visit company or insurance agent website or call directly
  • Check license status and look for credentials
  • Meet and interview with various agents of your choice
  • Before hiring an insurance professional, ask if he have ever been sued by a client
Reviews & license status inquiry
Once you find an insurance agent near you, it is very important to check their license status. Are you a consumer, and don't know the license number? You can browse all registered agencies with the name search or use a direct search by license number to find agent records. By using this service, you can review your agent's licensing history and gather detailed information about agents in your area.
No matter if you are looking to purchase a new insurance, cancel your old (existing) policy or simply trying to understand the insurance you currently have. We - and our partners - provide generall guidance. Learn to think like an insurance agent to find the best and cheapest coverage. Is it a long time since you last reviewed your insurance policies? It may be a good idea to speak with an insurance specialist in Los Angeles and review your insurance policies.
  • Auto/Car Insurance (liability, collision, and comprehensive)
  • Health Insurance (pay for medical expenses)
  • Homeowner/Residential (property insurance that covers losses and damages)
  • Life & Annuity (protect you from the risk of outliving your income)
  • Long-Term Care (LTC or LTCI - healthcare facilities)
  • Medicare Supplement (it may help pay some of the hospital and medical costs)
  • Pet TNC Ride-hailing - wikipedia explanation
  • Workers' Compensation (medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment)
Are you interested in how do you become a licensed insurance agent in Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States? Well, this question have many sub-questions. Captive agents and even independent insurance agents sell insurance policies to customers on behalf of insurance carriers. Learn how to become a good and well skilled insurance agent with no previous experience. This journey starts with your education and from the application for a license.
  • How hard is a career of selling insurance?
  • How much does it cost and to get an insurance license in Los Angeles?
  • How long does it take to get an insurance license in Los Angeles?
  • What are the main requirements to become a insurance agent?
  • How do i become a health, home or life insurance agent or an auto insurance agent?
  • What is the difference between an insurance agent and a broker?
  • What are the main types of asymmetric information problems in insurance industry?
5 basic steps to become an insurance agent
  • Step 1 - You can study and complete an associate / bachelor's degree program
  • Step 2 - Choose a specialty and receive a licensure for particular line of authority.
  • Step 3 - Complete pre-licensure requirements (general pre-licensing education vary by state)
  • Step 4 - All future insurance agents must pass a licensing exam to sell insurance
  • Step 5 - Now you have a license - you become an independent insurance broker
  • Step ? - Captive agent: you are are eligible for employment at insurance agencies and brokerages around Los Angeles
Reviews and client testimonials of insurance agents in  Los Angeles.

Reviews of insurance agents and companies near Los Angeles

We want to know your opinion on the list of insurance brokers, agents and careers close Los Angeles. Why? How else can we improve the insurance market, raise the profile of capable and experienced insurers and discard the incompetent?

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Fri, 11/22/2019 - 13:20

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Los Angeles, California?

The below table contains car insurance rates in Los Angeles sorted by insurance company (the cheapest first). It is only a rough estimate, based on average car insurance rates in LA in previous years. Final rates are very individual and their amount is influenced by other parameters and factors. As you know, auto insurance quotes are constantly changing. If you find an interesting offer, think twice, but act decisively. To get these statistical data, we used data from publicly available sources and public offers of individual insurance companies in LA, California.

Final prices are the sum of the averages between:

  • California state minimum coverage
  • Low-cost coverage
  • Medium (usual) coverage
  • High coverage (high limits, extra services)
Insurance Company Average Annual Rates
Wawanesa $1,250
USAA $1,380
Alliance $1,500
Esurance $1,540
Geico $1,590
United $1,629
California Capital $1,770
Metropolitan $1,790
Mercury Insurance $1,900
Progressive $1,960
Metromile $2,120

Why is car insurance so expensive in LA?

Although Los Angeles has some of the highest car insurance rates in California, which are around $2,100 per year, there is scope to reduce them. One of the reasons for the high rates for auto insurance in Los Angeles is the high crime rate, high traffic jam and a large number of traffic accidents. If you are looking for low-cost auto insurance in Los Angeles, or just want to make your policy cheaper, take a look at our chart and compare rates across insurance companies. The cheapest is currently Wawanesa with rates around $1,250. The most expensive of our comparison is Metromile, Progressive or Mercury insurance with rates in excess of $1,900.

Los Angeles car insurance rates by age

How does the amount of car insurance in Los Angeles rise with your age? The table says that the highest rates have teenagers that follow 20 years old. Drivers over 60 - 70 years have the lowest rates. These numbers are for reference only and represent the average auto insurance rates in Los Angeles as they appeared in 2018-2019. As a student or teenager, you will always pay a lot for auto insurance throughout California, not just Los Angeles. However, there are a number of other factors that significantly affect your insurance coverage. Both positively and negatively. These factors include, for example: driver history, driver record, marital status, place of residence, and above all the manufacturer, model and year of production of your car.

Your Age Average Rates in 2019
Teenager $9,050
20 years $3,420
30 years $2,320
40 years $2,280
50 years $2,200
60 years $2,150
Over 70 years $1,800
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