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List of healthcare facilities & medical centers in California

List of Facilities Healthcare in California Below is a comprehensive list of medical facilities, healthcare centers and hospitals in California. These kinds of private, profit or non-profit corporation, limited liability companies, individual or parthership organisation can be filtered and browsed in many different ways. What are the types of healthcare facilities in California and how to start gathering customer reviews and testimonials? Our database contains: hospice homes, acute care centers, surgical clinics or general hospitals around California, nursing homes or long-term care facilities, home health care, birth centers, diabetes education centers, clinics, medical office and much more...Once you identify what type of healthcare facility or procedure you need, you can browse, compare and read detailed information about California's medical centers. Relevant facts will allow you to make a better decision.

St. Elizabeth Hospice (BRANCH), Hospice, Red Bluff
St. Elizabeth Hospice (BRANCH) is Hospice from Red Bluff, CA 96080} View Profile

Dignity Health is Hospice from Red Bluff. This medical facility is Nonprofit corporation, which was established on 24 Mar 2004. Based on the latest information, the license number of St. Elizabeth Hospice (BRANCH) is 100000778. To find out more details about this medical facility, see the profile and read positive and negative reviews regarding medical and support staff, doctors, nurses and the entire facility. You can visit this facility on Vista Way street in Tehama county.

Low number of healthcare facilities in this search results has been detected. If you have problem finding appropriate medical center near Tehama, please reduce filtering or start fresh.
We present the most up-to-date information and reviews of healthcare facilities such as St. Elizabeth Hospice (BRANCH) in Tehama, CA for 2020/2021. There are different medical center choice options in your neighborhood. These options include traditional hospitals near Tehama, long-term or short-term care facilities, as well as birth centers, urgent care or nursing homes and hospices. Read patient reviews and see what people are saying about St. Elizabeth Hospice (BRANCH) or any other facility.
Bright Star, Home Health Agency, Chico
View Profile

Dhl Enterprises, Llc is Home Health Agency from Chico. This medical facility is Limited Liability Company, which was established on 22 Aug 2007. Based on the latest information, the license number of Bright Star is 550000563. To find out more details about this medical facility, see the profile and read positive and negative reviews regarding medical and support staff, doctors, nurses and the entire facility. You can visit this facility on Williamsburg Ln street in Butte county.

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Reviews of health care near California

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Mon, 11/11/2019 - 11:40

What are your healthcare and insurance options in California?

What do you think, do you have to have health insurance in 2019 / 2020 in California? Californians know, that the healthcare system in California has dramatically changed since 2010’s reform, when the Affordable Care Act was passed. Under this new conditions, people who purchase health insurance plans (PDF) through Covered California are eligible for federal tax credits, but only assuming they make between 138% and 400% of the federal poverty level - FPL.

  • Total California Residents: 40,000,000 approx
  • Total California uninsured residents: 8% approx (more than 2.5 million Californians)
  • Total California HMO enrollment: 21,000,000 approx
  • Avg annual employee premium in CA employer-sponsored plan: $1,150 approx

Who has the cheapest "silver" health insurance plan in California?

To cover your budget, when buying the right health insurance plan, Covered California Silver Plans are a popular choice for many Californians. Below Silver plans are best-suited for people who are relatively health, individuals and families who mainly goes in for common doctor visits or labs. The factors that you should consider when you choose your health insurance include the costs of your yearly insurance (do not forget to compare premiums), the list of doctors that you can visit for free (how large is your provider network?), does the preferred plan have hospitals and pharmacies near you and other essential benefits.

There are 4 types of  Silver Plans

County Cheapest Plan Age 21 Age 40 Age 60
Los Angeles L.A. Care Health Plan $280 $360 $768
San Diego Molina HealthCare $306 $390 $830
Orange HealthNet $319 $405 $865
Riverside Blue Shield $291 $375 $790
San Bernadino Blue Shield $292 $375 $790
Santa Clara Valley Health Plan $314 $403 $850
Alameda Kaiser Permanente $390 $506 $1070

Compare California health insurance agents and brokers

To find out, why do you need to find the right insurance agent, you must understand, what role does the California health insurance agent (broker) play in helping you find the best plan and insurance rate. Every health insurance agent is an individual or agency that acts on behalf of the carriers to sell and service insurance products. It means, that a well-skilled health insurance agent  is here to help you find the best coverage that will fit your budget and needs! For the latest information, visit and learn more about health insurance basics and special topics related to health insurance, CA licensed insurers and other resources. Is it cheaper to get health insurance through an agent?

Yes, it may be cheaper, but....

  1. You must know your current policy
  2. Compare insurance agents and research competitive rates
  3. Identify the cheapest plans and applicable discounts
  4. Gather all relevant materials and prepare questions
  5. Prepare to meet with your insurance agent
  6. Make detailed notes during the meeting
  7. Make a wise decision :)
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