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Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres

Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility from Orland, CA
Praise The Lord Pediatric Day Health & Respite Care Home Inc

Write a Review Medical facility "Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres" was founded and licensed on 02 Jul 2009 in Orland city, California. We will help you find out more about Praise The Lord Pediatric Day Health & Respite Care Home Inc, healthcare services they provide to patients, visiting hours, bed capacity, type of medical facilityProfit corporation • detailed information about nurses and doctors qualification, their specialty and experience. You can write and read real guest reviews, watch rating and medical records and much more. For additional information about emergency services (urgent care in Orland district), admissions restrictions, jobs and careers or for scheduling an appointment at 390 Papst Ave • Glenn • please read contact details below or call directly telephone number to get the most actual info before the process starts. Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres is included in the category of Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility - type of healthcare services.
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We can help you figure out what positive and negative reviews of Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres from Orland are real, find complex information about Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility staff and sort out the most important issues regarding short and long term care near Chico, CA. By using google search, you will be able to collect more information and data related to public health and jobs available in Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres. Reviewers can help you discover primary or urgent Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility in the neighborhood of Orland and choose the right clinic, a doctor or 24-hour outpatient care for children (girls and boys) or adult (men and women). Does Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres offers emergency room services and trauma center, diagnostic or pediatric clinic? Answering questions is just a part of how we can help you.

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Facility Type: Profit corporation • Initial license obtained 02 Jul 2009

Healthcare Type: Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility • PDHRCF

Zip Code: 95963 • 1985 • California

Address: 390 Papst Ave • Orland • Chico

Administration: Clark, Robert


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Before you visit Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres or any similar medical center in Orland, it’s important to ask several questions in advance about the health facility, their doctors or medical staff and services they provide to patients. We have found that patients want their doctors and medical staff (nurses, support staff) to make it personal. If you do not have any reference (positive or negative reviews) from a former patients, you should browse reviews of Praise The Lord Pediatric Day Health & Respite Care Home Inc and read some other threads so you can make informed decisions and find the best medical facility to take care of your health.

Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres es un centro de atención a largo plazo de Orland, California. Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres es un centro de atención a largo plazo de Orland, California. Puede navegar por este perfil para obtener más información sobre este centro de atención médica y los servicios que brindan a los pacientes. Lea los testimonios de clientes y las reseñas de Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres, verifique precios, tarifas y otra información importante. Para obtener más información, llame a telephone number y pregunte sobre la capacidad y la cantidad de camas (6 es una estimación aproximada), procedimientos de tratamiento, personal especializado u horarios de visitas al hospital. También puede preguntar si el centro de atención médica (La atención a largo plazo (LTC) es una variedad de servicios que ayudan a satisfacer las necesidades médicas y no médicas de los pacientes con enfermedades crónicas.) de Orland es católico, cristiano, judío o islámico.
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Finding the best medical care in Orland can be hard, especially if you need to find a specialized healthcare facility, such as Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility in the vicinity of Orland city in California. Thankfully, some people are reviewing Praise The Lord Pediatric Day Health & Respite Care Home Inc and their medical staff (medical aid) and are helping others to find well-rated and high-quality medical care near Glenn. If you don't know what kind of healthcare is being provided by Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres, we can help you explain the full range of services this medical facility provide to help you make the right choice. Does the Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres cooperates with Medi-Cal organisation which offers low-cost or absolutely free health coverage to eligible residents of the city of Orland with low or very limited income? Medi-Cal is mostly provided by Managed Care Organizations and covers an array of medical procedures, office visits, and other health-related expenses. If so, then you can enjoy some patient-centered benefits, such as health-related expenses, diagnostic and preventive care, variety of medical procedures, emergency services, outpatient (ambulatory) services in Orland, hospitalization, laboratory services and more. Praise The Lord Pediatric Day Health & Respite Care Home Inc has paid the initial license at 02 Jul 2009 and a facility code is PDHRCF, which is Profit corporation Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility.
Health Spending in Orland, California (Medicaid & Medicare)
Hospitals & hospital care 35%
Prescription drugs and other 14%
Physician & clinical cervices 24%
Nursing home care 6%
All other health care services 21%
Above graph displays health expenditures in the United States, 2014 - 2018 ( All these prices are indicative only as actual medical expenses may change at any time.
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Regardless of the reason you want to enter the hospital, doctor's office, urgent care clinic in Orland, Pediatric Care Health And Respite Care Facility or any other type of medical facility near you, for consulting or for a surgery, your main objective is to get the best care possible. Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres is a medical clinic from Glenn (zip code: 95963), which is located at the address: 390 Papst Ave in the State of California. You can get more information about medical records, health-care programs or general visiting hours on the phone: . Before you make a decision in regard to entering this health-care center, look for licensing of the treatment facility and read reviews of Praise The Lord Pediatric Day Health & Respite Care Home Inc from verified patients and visitors of this medical centre. Remember, that finding a hospital around Orland that offers both top-notch healthcare, friendly medical staff (doctors and nursing staff), premium service and perfect convenience is a great challenge. We can help you determine which services are suitable for your disease and overall health or what kind of facility in your area provides access for discount medical plan and records.
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  • License number: 550001145
  • Full address: 390 Papst Ave, Orland, California
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Ptl Pediatric Daycare Tres

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