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Hennenhoefer James APC

Attorney & Law Firm from Vista, CA

Write a Review Get exclusive ratings and customer reviews of Hennenhoefer James APC from Vista in California. This law office provide complex legal service in this fields of law: General Practice Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys. We can help you find the right lawyer which will help you file for divorce, bankruptcy, child support, injury compensation, and in other legal situations. You can browse our database of attorneys who practice near Vista or contact Hennenhoefer James APC directly on the phone (760) 941-2260, by using email address or make an appointment to visit him at his office at 316 S Melrose Dr, CA. How much does a lawyer in Vista cost and is it possible to get a free initial consultation from Hennenhoefer James APC? Billing in the legal industry is typically done hourly, but also on a flat fee basis and some personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency basis. How much does Hennenhoefer James APC or any other law firm from Vista make in 2019? Based on the latest lawyer salary stats the average hourly rates of lawyers near Vista, California are between $80 - $89. These numbers may vary a lot depending on company size, experience and level of education and therefore the income of experienced attorneys can reach $174.300 a year and even more.
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There are a few steps to choosing the best lawyer in Vista, CA for your legal needs. These steps include making sure that Hennenhoefer James APC have great reviews and positive client testimonials. The most important legal directories are nolo, findlaw,, martindale or avvo and, but very important and useful are also google reviews.

Phone Number: (760) 941-2260

Opening Hours: Mon - Friᅠ8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Zip Code: 92081

Address: 316 S Melrose Dr, Vista, California


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How and where to find trustworthy reviews of Hennenhoefer James APC from Vista and how reliable are these online attorney reviews from previous clients? The truth is that an overwhelming majority of people, who seek legal help are willing to hire an attorney in distant location if that attorney has better reviews and higher ratings than legal professionals and law firms who are closer. Previous clients of this law firm from California have the ability to post both positive or negative experiences associated with Hennenhoefer James APC who practice in this fields of law: General Practice Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys. To avoid untrustworthy reviews of this law office, read and collect more critical articles from different sources and make better decisions. If you do not have enough time to search for perfect reviews of this company, you can ask existing clients for reviews and referrals. While reviewing this law office from Vista (zip code: 92081) and researching materials from previous clients, it is very important to verify your data concerning this company with facts from prospective and existing clients.
Some state statutes limit the percentage for a contingency fee, but this does not apply to hourly rates of lawyers from Vista. A lawyer's hourly rate varies dramatically based on his experience, education, specialty, and even operating expenses. Hennenhoefer James APC is executing legal practice primarily in the area of Vista city and similarly like other law firms focusing on General Practice Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys, the average hourly rates stagnate around $83. Do Hennenhoefer James APC give you an hour long free consultation? It varies from lawyer to lawyer, but the short answer is that a three-hour "paid" consultation can cost you around $97 or more.
Lawyer Earnings by Seniority Earnings (per hour) Earnings (per year)
Senior Lawyer Earnings, Vista * $95 an hour $199.200 per year
Experienced Lawyer Earnings, Vista * $66 an hour $141.100 per year
Junior Lawyer Earnings, Vista * $50 an hour $91.300 per year
Starting Lawyer Earnings, Vista * $33 an hour $70.550 per year
* Rough estimate for lawyers practicing in the neighborhood of Vista, CA. Lawyers may charge a flat fees, referral fees, legal late fees, but also recovery fees.
Practice areaType of case you haveAverage fees *
Family law Family matters and domestic relations $1.494
Bankruptcy law If you cannot repay debts to creditors $1.328
Immigration law Legal precedents governing immigration $996
Administrative law Rule making, adjudication $913
Corporate law Corporations $830
Elder law Aging $780
Criminal law Relates to crime $714
Wills & Estates law Wills, trusts, powers of attorney $647
Contracts law Exchange of goods, services, money $598
Collections Companies Debt collection $564
Juvenile law Minorities $515
Real Estate law Property $498
Small Claims Quick way for litigants $415
Traffic law Traffic and vehicles $332
* Above are the median attorney fees according to the type of legal case and practice area. Approximate values are based on highest and lowest earning segments in Vista.
Social media can be a valuable tool for any business, this also applies to lawyers. We can help you find out if Hennenhoefer James APC is on social network, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn. Awareness of new social networks and social media trends is essential both for attorneys and big law firms as well. Hennenhoefer James APC from Vista, practicing in this law fields: General Practice Lawyers, Family Law already on Facebook, but what about Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch or WhatsApp? Young people today have grown up with technology, and Hennenhoefer James APC - as well as other lawyers - will need to approach social media more actively. Interactive multimedia, mobile communication, mass media and social networks are a lot more important than many lawyers think. Facebook is large social and communications hub, which can bring benefits to both law firms and clients. Social network services and platforms are a great way to build up a legal business, but some studies point out on a negative impacts and effects of social network sites. These cons include: trust, ethical troubles, legal advertising, thin line between personal and professional opinions.
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We can help you find out when and whether you should contact the Hennenhoefer James APC if you are considering to hire an experienced attorney. Before you hire an attorney from Vista, it's very important to ask several questions in advance about the law office (single lawyer) and fee arrangement. Why? Because every legal case is different! How to contact Hennenhoefer James APC in case of an emergency? You may try to resolve the problem by calling: (760) 941-2260 or by having an open discussion with your lawyer. Is your legal issue (case) relevant to these lawfields: General Practice Lawyers, Family Law Attorneys or looking for a divorce lawyer, family lawyer from Vista, business / tax attorney, criminal defense lawyer or any other legal representative working in different fields and areas of law? When you contact the attorney's office, feel free to schedule a meeting or visit with the lawyer at 316 S Melrose Dr, Vista.
Hennenhoefer James APC can be contacted in the following ways
Take the first step today by requesting a free consultation with a California Family Law Attorneys; General Practice Lawyers from Hennenhoefer James APC. What happens at your free consultation with a lawyer and how does it work? Generally, when a lawyer representing the law firm or himself says that he will provide a free consultation for you, it means that he will arrange a meeting with you, hear about your problem and give you some initial thoughts about your legal problem (case), at no charge or obligation to you. There are many important questions your lawyer doesn’t want to hear, but you have to ask. If you was a previous client of this lawyer, we would like to ask you to share your experience with other people who request legal services. Thank you for taking the time.
  • Telephone number: (760) 941-2260
  • Fax number: please use above phone number instead of fax
  • Official website:
  • Opening hours: Mon - Friᅠ8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Full address: 316 S Melrose Dr, Vista, California
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Hennenhoefer James APC from Vista

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