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Never Worry About Child Support Payments Again With Jos Family Law - The Best Child Custody Attorney

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Child support is financial help granted to custodial parents by the noncustodial parent in the case of a divorce with the spouse. In child custody cases, it also may be awarded if parents have shared custody.

The court mandates this support. Specific details are based upon several factors, including income levels, financial health, and earning potential of the parties involved. These requirements are established during divorce proceedings and are finalized when the divorce is granted.

It is for the benefit of children who have been affected by divorce. Unfortunately, some parents who are required to pay for it fail to pay or make partial payments. This can have devastating effects on the custodial parent and the children who depend on this income for living expenses. If this happens, there are some options for the suffering parent and children.

The wages or unemployment benefits of the responsible party may be intercepted to pay it back. Other sources of income, including tax refunds or lottery winnings, may also be blocked for child support payments.

This misconduct will be reported to credit bureaus and employers as well. The non-paying parent also risks a driver's license suspension. Legal action against the "deadbeat" parent includes contempt of court or even federal prosecution if the parent tries to move to another state with different child support laws.

It can be an emotional situation. The best recourse for a parent having difficulties receiving timely payments is hiring a top child custody attorney who specializes in this type of matter. The court system can be confusing for the average person.

A lawyer who understands the details of the laws and how the system operates has a higher chance of successfully recovering child support payments than someone who tries to navigate the system alone. If you need an accomplished, dedicated, and inspiring lawyer to represent you, please call 1-714-733-7066, the law office of Jos Family Law, the Best Child Custody Attorney in Orange, CA.

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"Never Worry About Child Support Payments Again With Jos Family Law - The Best Child Custody Attorney"

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