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Joint Custody or Sole Custody - One That Really Matters In Child Custody Battle

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It's rarely easy to resolve a child custody arrangement. Owing to the interests and emotions that contribute to the upbringing of the kid and the wish to spend time with him or her, disagreements about the future of the kid may lead to court battles. Parents love their children, and they desire the best for them. These legally binding instructions are likely to last for years to come. Courts and attorneys work tirelessly to figure out a way to fulfill the wishes of all parents.


When a judge is left to decide on custody arrangements, he or she will consider the children's age, the quality of the living environments, and the children's preference. Other considerations such as school location, the parents' ability to provide emotional support, the desires of each parent, and any previous criminal activity record also play a huge role. An agreement will typically result in one of the following two living situations:


Joint Custody 


The government likes to ensure that a child receives care from both parents. Therefore, if it is possible and beneficial, attorneys or the courts will find a way to have both parents play a significant role in raising their child. When both parents are granted a "significant" time with their child, it is known as joint custody.


Sole Custody 


This form of custody arrangement refers to one parent being responsible for the physical custody of a child. The word "sole" might be misleading. As mentioned earlier, the government likes to ensure that the child can have a relationship with both parents. Often having two positive role models in a child's life has proven to have a powerful positive effect on the development and well being of a child. Therefore, sole custody arrangements often include visitation rights for the other parent.


The importance of preparation for a child custody battle cannot be underestimated. Prepare yourself to fight this battle and win your kids back. In the unfavorable event that parents cannot work out a child custody matter, you require a lawyer who will rest at nothing to battle for your child's best benefits.


You require an attorney who will take the time to know your matter, qualified, and willing to go to battle for your benefits. If this sounds like you, we at Eric Child Custody, the best Child Custody attorney in Anaheim, CA, are here to assist. Please contact the law office of Eric Child Custody at 1-714-916-9800 today.

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"Joint Custody or Sole Custody - One That Really Matters In Child Custody Battle"

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