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How to promote lawyer business online?

Updated • 1 year 8 months ago

In this short story, we will explain, how you can promote your law firm in California with a few steps that are proven to get clients. All these strategies, which include promo on facebook, instagram, google, twitter, pinterest or youtube, are very effective and will help you to make yourself and your law firm visible throughout the California State. Except lawyer directories and legal counseling services, there are also special services, where people requesting legal services submit details of their legal problems and registered lawyers pay for access to those leads.

We don't do it that way. Our services are "really free", our reward is a satisfied customer who will recommend us we don't do it completely for free or for your blue eyes :)

How do lawyers get new clients?

There are many lawyers, who share their best marketing tips targeting clients looking for a lawyer / legal counsel. Majority of lawyers acquire new clients through friends or family, by joining the Bar Association in the community, via the aforementioned social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest), using their own websites, enrolling in quality "industry" catalogs such as: avvo, findlaw, explorelawyers,, justia, and - of course - using targeted advertising (advertising, google adwords).

One bet is not paid. Make your legal practice visible on our portal and start communicating with brand new clients.

Online directories for attorneys, law firms & consumers in the 21st century. Does it make sense?

Does lawyer directories have lost their meaning and are they even useful for your business in 2020?  The truth is, that lawyer directories have come under fire several years ago when google started de-indexing spammy directories with "irrelevant" links. Today, at the turn of 2019/2020, quality legal directories are again popular.  But beware, we're talking about portals with up-to-date information and user reviews. Which means submitting your law firm website to quality legal directories is still an important part of building your brand and name.

Getting the right information relevant to your business (law and legal environment) at the right time is one of the success factors.  If we take the term "legal directories" for example, we can say that it is a diverse range of services that analyze, list, review and describe individual lawyers or large law firms in your area! Being in a business directory is not a shame, quite the contrary. The right use of high-quality directories with a list of lawyers in a given locality is important for every law office, let alone start-ups of "poor" lawyers with no experience, client testimonials and background. For legal trainees and newcomers in the legal industry, business directories are a very important tool in the fight against competition!

How to market a law practice in 2020?

We've already shared some hints and tips about promoting a law firm, but that's not all. Being seen and heard on the Internet is certainly important, but what role do social services like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram play and how important is it to build a list of clients and referrers over time? Every legal expert is certainly interested in how to promote their practice and how to get more clients, but what is the best way to market a law practice?

  1. Choose a specific type of law and take advantage of free law firm marketing options
  2. Create "unique" educational content and promote it in the right places (like ours)
  3. Build a list of clients (current and potential)
  4. Consider building a social media presentation
  5. Be decisive, but listen and love your clients

Any aspiring lawyer would like to create a successful law practice, right? Do you agree? But how to do it when you have no contacts to significant capacity in the industry? Finding a good and experienced mentor can be a good start. Why do I recommend finding an experienced mentor in law? Because every skilled mentor has already made many mistakes and can thus share his best life experiences with you. Such a procedure can save you a lot of time, mistakes, fouls and ultimately money. Remember, that the client must always come first! You - like your employees - cannot despise your clients. You must practice the theory that each client is unique and deserves the best individual care that you are able to provide.

What are career advancement opportunities for lawyers?

And what do we think is the most amazing? We believe that you should maximize your free marketing opportunities before spending any money on marketing. Free promotional techniques are mainly about internal and external SEO, internet strategies and other opportunities awaiting both beginners and experienced US lawyers. Why not start now. All you need is 10 minutes of your time and commitment. 

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2016-2026)*
In-House Counsel or Independent Attorney $120,900 8,00%
Law Instructor $111,100 12,00%
Judge or Magistrate $133,400 6,00%
Administrative Judge or Adjudicator $99,500 4%

A personal or company website is essential for basic lawyer and credibility information, but networking positive reviews and client relationships are key. Are you skilled in the business of law? We can help you find more clients without investing a single dollar. A well-known secret is unique and useful content.

Quick Facts: Lawyers Numbers
2018 Median Pay $120,910 per year / $58.13 per hour
Typical Entry-Level Education Doctoral or professional degree
Work Experience in a Related Occupation None
On-the-job Training None
Number of Jobs, 2018 823
Job Outlook, 2018-28 6%
Employment Change, 2018-28 50,1

Responding to negative reviews and online reputation management for attorneys

Would you like to have the ability to control your reputation online? It's definitely a big deal, but it also requires some commitment. There are some companies looking for peer and user reviews for their law firm clients. ORM can serve as a good complementary defense strategy, however, these services are paid and do not guarantee 100% success. As you probably know, according to the latest statistics, more than 80 percent of customers consult online reviews of lawyers before making a purchasing decision

So what to do if your real or fictitious clients publish negative online reviews?

First of all, think about yourself. Am i honest in my dealings with clients? Do i communicate, pick up phones and am I still within range for client needs? And then start acting. Focus on building a positive image, communicate, explain and educate your current and future clients. The reward comes soon.  There are some strategies that will help you fight negative reviews so as not to damage your company's reputation. If you are a former client of a law firm, you should act. Making a dead beetle is not the best idea. So how should every lawyer respond and handle negative online reviews?

What to do?

  • Address the issue, communicate with the client and try to solve the situation. Promptly!
  • Do not be personal, react with ease. Be professional.
  • If you succeed, ask the client to delete the review and write a new "positive" experience.
  • Constructive feedback is very valuable. Use it and apply it to your business.

What not to do?

  • Do not respond online unless you need to. Do not reinforce the thread in the eyes of search engines (google, bing, yahoo) and social networks (people like to share negative reactions on facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms).
  • Strange, but some lawyers like to share negative reviews online. Strange behavior, avoid it.
  • Don't threaten. Do not send a demand letter and file suit at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What will be included in my attorney listing?
  • A: Every law firm profile includes: your name or the name of your law firm, full address, phone, google map directions, the most actual informaion about your practice, related videos, email, practice areas, detailed description and link to your website. 
  • Q: Is it free or how much does it cost?
  • A: All listings on are free of charge as well as their updates and modifications. Remember, however, that every legal enrollment may be subject to analysis, criticism, and client reviews.
  • Q: How to advertise yourself as a lawyer?
  • A: Start by creating a profile on several authoritative portals focused on law and US lawyers. Don't focus too much on social media, it is treacherous and "subject to trends", which is a rather volatile tactic. Quality servers and directories of lawyers include, for example:,,,,, and some others. In order not to be too modest, you can also use our services.
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"How to promote lawyer business online?"

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