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How much does Toyota Prius car insurance cost?

Updated • 1 year 2 months ago

Do you seek comprehensive coverage for your Toyota Prius for better protection and to lower car insurance rates? The Toyota Prius (wiki) has been around since 1997 and it is currently (2018) in its 4 generation. Are you considering who has the cheapest auto insurance quotes for your model of 2017/2018 Toyota Prius in Los Angeles, California? The main question is. How much does Toyota Prius car insurance cost and who has the cheapest insurance quotes near me? In short: the average insurance premium for a Toyota Prius, was roughly $1,100 -  $1,550 depending on your location and several other factors (age, driving experience and driving record, gender). We can bombard you with information from many different sources (, with Toyota Prius average monthly insurance rates or with coverage calculator), that are writing about coverage options for you Prius, car insurance rates affected by trim level of you vehicle (Two, Two Eco, Three, Three Touring, Four, Four Touring) or 2018 Toyota Prius money-saving features, safety equipment and scores.

Average car insurance rates of the "Prius" in Los Angeles

Model (2013-2016) Avg Premium (estimate)
Prius v $1,840
Prius Plug-In hybrid - average annual cost at $1,980
Prius $1,870
Prius c - find the coverage and evaluate discounts - expensive $1,800

2017/2018 Toyota Prius car insurance quotes by insurance company

Insurance company (by rates) Average Annual Cost
GEICO $820
Plymouth Rock Insurance - not in California (link to Mercury insuance) $850
State Farm - browse State Farm agents in California $1,000
Progressive $1,150
Amica $1,170
USAA - get insurance quote at $1,200
MetLife $1,450
Allstate $1,650
Liberty Mutual $1,850

Average Los Angeles car insurance rates (Men vs Women)

Coverage (car insurance) Men (Los Angeles) Women (Los Angeles)
Collision coverage $550 $510
Comprehensive coverage $88 $80
Liability coverage $1,200 $1,110
Total Cost Per Year $1,838 $1,700
Price Per Month $153 $141

Toyota Prius money-saving safety features

  • Anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control
  • Various airbags
  • Seatbelt pretensioners and safety equipement
  • Anti theft system and plenty of modern features
Discount Equipment (safety features) Typical amount
Anti-lock brakes Cars with anti-lock brakes. 10%
Anti-theft Alarms, tracking systems (factory-installed) 10 - 20%
Auto-pay your policy Set up automated coverage payment from checking $30 - $6 yearly
unknown 90%

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"How much does Toyota Prius car insurance cost?"

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