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How much is an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles?

Updated • 1 year 10 months ago

I would like to know, what should i do and what are my legal options. Firstly, i had an automobile accident with injury of myself and other people involved. I am from LA - living and working here as well. My first question much does it cost to hire a skilled personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles? What are the most important and obvious legal fees and do i need to pay them? Can you help me to find the right accident/injury law firm with great skills and experience related to injury cases?

I've suffered a leg fracture and some bruises. My passenger has a broken rib. Other involved drivers have various bone injuries, fractures, bruises and spinal blockages. How will it be with the settlement? Will I have to pay all the medical expenses and damages? How will it be with the participation of my insurance company (PDF)? I have a valid driving license, car insurance as well as liability insurance policies. So far no traffic accident. I do not have fines for fast driving, traffic offenses or traffic accidents. I am an orderly driver who has insurance bonuses for accident-free driving.

My questions in short

  1. How much will i pay for a first consultation and next sessions?
  2. Who is the best personal injury lawyer from LA?
  3. Should i hire a traffic accident attorney to handle my case?
  4. How about settlement?

Quick answer: the real cost of hiring an injury lawyer

You are asking, how much does it cost to hire a lawyer from LA to represent me in a personal injury case, right? Below are some links to websites with related answers. Try,, ro avvo answers. Some car accident law firms, only gets paid when they win your case for you, while others gets paid hourly. How much does auto accident attorney or any other injury lawyer from Los Angeles make in 2019? Based on the latest lawyer salary stats the average hourly rates of lawyers near Los Angeles, California are between $87 - $94. 

There are many factors that may affect your case. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, please check our database and listing of personal injury lawyers in your area and resolve your case! The real cost for services of personal injury lawyers (automobile accident law firms) are very different depending on the exact location and quality of service.

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"How much is an auto accident attorney in Los Angeles?"

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