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How To Increase Child Support Payments

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Child support is a system of ensuring that the children of divorced parents can manage a stable lifestyle. The specifics of these payments are settled during divorce proceedings. They essentially depend on factors such as the children's lifestyle before the divorce, the custody agreement, and the financial stability of each spouse after the separation. If one parent has full custody, the other parent will likely have higher support payments.

There are times when the financial situation of the family changes, and an increase in child support payments may be necessary. Child support is put in place to protect the child's basic needs and ensure a stable lifestyle.

When a substantial change in the circumstances of the former spouses occurs, one may petition for a change to their assignment of payments. Some examples that may necessitate a change in a child support agreement may include:


  • Unemployment
  • Inability to work
  • Depending on the state, an increase in your cost of living

If one parent's income changes significantly, he or she may be required to increase the amount of support payments. Similarly, a remarriage and combination of two incomes can lead to the same result.

If the child or children in question require unexpected medical attention, the subsequent costs can lead to an increase in payments. Also, if the custody agreement is altered in some way, the payments may have to be changed to fit this new situation.

If you feel that your family may be entitled to an increase in support payments, securing the representation of an experienced and compassionate child custody attorney is vital. Family disputes can be expensive, upsetting, and stressful. Regardless of that, it would be best to get the right advice before making a move on child support, divorce, parental custody, child care or other vital legal matter. Contact the law office of Jos Family Law, the Best Child Custody Attorney in Orange, CA at (714) 733-7066, to get the guidance you require to make intelligent and well-informed choices about your and the lives of your kids.

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"How To Increase Child Support Payments"

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