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How to find the best motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles?

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Drivers of two-wheeler's such as motorbikes or bikes are always at greater risk than car drivers. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles or anywhere else, finding an experienced personal injury attorney to fight on your side is a must. The number of motorcycle accidents is steadily increasing, not only in LA but also in other major cities in California, such as San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno and San Francisco. If you ever looked at Los Angeles motorcycle accident data, you had to be amazed by the unexpected numbers. Bikers, even when following all California state safety rules and laws, such as wearing helmets and protective clothing (shoes, vest, pants), are at much greater risk and this corresponds to the amount of motorcycle insurance they have to pay. If you are the culprit or victim of a road accident or motorcycle collision with a car, lorry, cyclist or another kind of means of transport, you will need to find the best motorcycle accident / personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. The same rules apply as in the case of bike accidents in Los Angeles. You must hire a well-rated injury attorney with years of experience that will stand on your side, fight for you and get adequate financial compensation for you.

A helmet is the most important motorcycle accessory that can protect you from a fatal head and neck injuries.

Who are the most experienced LA accident lawyers?

You can only find the most experienced lawyers by searching the Internet, reading lawyers' discussions, and interviewing family and acquaintances. We will try to list here the best motorbike accident lawyers who have their practice in Los Angeles. It is not easy to compile such a list because a few online reviews do not yet make a quality and experienced injury lawyer. However, we have to start somewhere. The lawyers below claim that they are real experts in motorcycle accidents and that if you hire them, you will get maximum compensation for your medical care and damages. So who are those skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers with years of industry experience and a wealth of financial compensation? 

  • Law Offices of Brian Breiter, LLP
  • 5.0 on Google reviews
  • Address: 4929 Wilshire Blvd Suite 410, Los Angeles, CA 90010, United States
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +1 323-954-9955
  • Official website

Stay safe on your motorbike - follow these 6 steps

  1. Always wear a helmet and other recommended equipment while riding
  2. Never ride after drinking or taking any drugs
  3. If you don't have a driving license...don't drive!
  4. Track traffic, traffic signs and pay attention to driving.
  5. Obey traffic laws of the state of California
  6. Watch for road obstacles and predict as much as possible

Most common causes of motorcycle accidents

What are the leading causes of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles, and anywhere else? Based on government statistics, the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are caused by a dangerous change in lane and driving direction. A car accident is often caused by a car driver who left the door open (towards the road). Other causes of motorcycle accidents are dangerous overtaking, driving under the influence (alcohol, drugs), sudden stops, left turn accidents, motorcycle defects (cracked tire) and dangerous road conditions. This is just a short list of the most common causes. The real list would be much longer. Remember that motorcycle accidents can result in serious consequences. Sometimes in short-term injuries, sometimes in lifelong health complications including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and more.

  • Inattention may result in unsafe lane changes
  • High speed is a frequent cause of a traffic accident on a motorcycle
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is of course a big problem
  • Check your motorcycle regularly, motorcycle defects are also the cause of road accidents
  • You may be a professional motorcycle rider, but dangerous road conditions will surprise everyone (holes, obstacles, wet roads, snow, oil)

Types of accidents injuries that motorbike drivers face:

To read about what health complications can occur after a car accident is not pleasant. But if it helps you reconsider your approach to driving a motorcycle or other motor and non-motor vehicle, then it makes sense. There are currently over 840,000 registered motorcycles (including mopeds) in California. This statistic shows the real number of publicly owned, private and commercial motorcycles registered in California.

  • Fatalities (death) - if the motorbike accident victim does not survive a crash, family members may be "compensated" in a wrongful-death claim. For these cases you will need a very good motorcycle accident attorney with years of experience who knows how those accident settlements in Los Angeles work.
  • Amputation - in accidents involving motorcycle drivers, cyclists or pedestrians, serious injuries to parts of the body often occur. It can be a loss of body part, such as a finger, arm or leg. These cases often involve complicated psychological treatment.
  • Head and facial injuries - motorbike accident victims are often thrown over the handlebars. As you can imagine, head injuries can be very serious and devastating even with a helmet. Statistics show that in traffic accidents involving motorbike drivers or cyclists there are fractures of the skull, injuries of soft parts of the head, serious brain damage and often death of the driver.
  • Other injuries you may face include: bone fractures (hands, arms, shoulders, legs, hips, wrists, and other bones), dental injuries (chipped and cracked teeth, complicated inflammation, fracture of the upper or lower jaw), nerve damages (damage nerves in any part of the body can result in debilitating or immobilizing consequences) and other types of injuries with short, long term and life-long consequences.

Vehicle (cars, truck, motorcycles) registrations numbers, LA county

Vehicle registrations Los Angeles County
Year Cars (approx) Trucks (approx) Motorcycles (approx)
2019 6,550,000 - just an estimate 1,125,000 - just an estimate 170,000 - just an estimate
2018 6,520,000 1,115,000 165,000
2017 6,490,000 1,109,000 162,870
2016 6,480,000 1,103,000 165,270
2015 6,290,000 1,075,000 164,150

What to consider when hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer?

As regards the enforcement of law, anyone admitted to practice law in California is authorized to appear in court to defend someone charged with crime or to represent a motorcycle accident victim. The process of finding an experienced and reliable injury attorney can be very difficult and tedious, but we will try to make it easier for you. Key factors to consider before you hire a personal injury lawyer are perfect reputation, experience, and positive client reviews. You will need someone who has good results, judged financial compensation, and recognized entitlements. Avoid law firms based outside of your city (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose) or the state (California). Out-of-state law firms can transfer your case to another firm located within your state. Do not hire a lawyer who handles an occasional motorcycle case, focus your attention on lawyers who exclusively concentrate on personal injury law and motorcycle accidents in LA.

What qualities and abilities must a good injury attorney have?

If we talked about what to consider before hiring a lawyer, it is also good to say what abilities a good injury attorney must have. The basic prerequisite is knowledge of the situation in the city, in this case in Los Angeles, but especially a perfect knowledge of California law. Among other qualities of every google personal injury attorney, which focuses on motorcycle, bicycle, car or truck accidents, are communication skills, strong judgment, research skills, detective work and analytical thinking.

  1. Communication skills - accident attorney must be able to negotiate with police, courts, authorities, but also with parties involved in an accident. You do not need someone to talk, but a good speaker with the ability to negotiate important matters.
  2. Strong judgment and commitment - having the right judgment at the right time is a necessity, but being firm when necessary (and if you defend the truth) is also needed. Settlement negotiation and litigation process is not for weak individuals. Hire a motorcycle accident attorney who has years of life experience and is strong-minded.
  3. Fresh thinking and research skills - especially in unusual traffic accidents, it is necessary to act intuitively, to cope with the situation, to think outside-the-box. A good lawyer does not claim to know everything, but is able to verify unusual situations and find related paragraphs and laws
  4. People skills and empathy - what would all of the above be if your lawyer didn't care what you want? The ability of empathy is not a weakness if it is accompanied by decisive action, life experiences and a determination to pursue the goal.
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"How to find the best motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles?"

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