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How are California wildfires making some homes uninsurable? Are you covered?

Updated • 2 years 2 months ago

All the latest news around California wildfires. It's a long term run, but weather changes and warming climate could make wildfire-prone homes (family houses, cottages and other dwellings) uninsurable. For insurance companies in California, uninsurable risk is a condition that poses unknowable or unacceptable risk of loss, both movable and immovable property. Millions of Americans want to live in outside the city, but relatively close to larger cities. For better comfort, of course. But as we can see now in California, houses standing close to vegetation pose larger risks and the danger of fires.

Many superstorms has changed the flood insurance industry, the California wildfires from 2018 may change homeowners insurance.

Does your homeowners insurance cover wildfires?

If your home is at risk, not only because of the California fires, you'll want to make sure your home insurance policy is enough and covers wildfire damage.You also need to know with certainty how much coverage you have and what step you need to make at first. Homeowners insurance coverage will typically help cover expenses related to smoke and soot damage. It generally means, you may be covered by your policy. 

Most "homeowners" policies will cover you and your family for mass evacuation when the government, or civil authority have ordered you to leave.

Largest wildfires in California 1932 - 2018

What are (was) California's largest, and most destructive fires since 1932 until now? Below are the 20 largest wildfires in California since 1932 - wikipedia. This statistic illustrates the top 20 most destructive California fires (PDF document) sorted by burned area (number of acres), location and date. 

Location Name County Burned area (Hectares) Started
Camp Butte 61,613.4 November 2018
Mendocino Complex Mendocino, Lake, Colusa, Glenn 185,800.5 July 2018
Carr Shasta, Trinity 92,936.5 July 2018
Thomas Ventura, Santa Barbara 114,078.0 December 2017
Rough Fresno 61,359.7 July 2015
Rim Tuolumne 104,131.3 August 2013
Rush Lassen 110,038.5 August 2012
Station Los Angeles 64,975.1 August 2009
Klamath Theater Complex Siskiyou 77,715.0 June 2008
Basin Complex Monterey 65,890.1 June 2008
Witch San Diego 80,123.7 October 2007
Zaca Santa Barbara 97,208.3 July 2007
Day Ventura 65,843.2 September 2006
Cedar San Diego 110,578.7 October 2003
McNally Tulare 60,984.5 July 2002
Big Bar Complex Trinity 57,039.6 August 1999
Stanislaus Complex Tuolumne 59,076.0 August 1987
Marble Cone Monterey 71,979.8 July 1977
Laguna San Diego 70,992.0 September 1970
Matilija Ventura 89,03 September 1932
unknown 90%

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"How are California wildfires making some homes uninsurable? Are you covered?"

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