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Honda Accord car insurance rates for 2020

Updated • 2 years 9 months ago

Honda Accord is undoubtedly one of the most popular vehicles on the American road. Wondering how much does it cost to insure your Honda Accord model at the turn of 2019 - 2020? Depending on the insurance company you choose, auto insurance rates for a Honda Accord will range between $1,200 - $1,850 per year. If you are a reliable driver and you drive without an accident for a long time, you can pay the lower limit. For incapacitated drivers, there is an upper rate, which can be around $2,200 per year in extreme values. As you know, every insurance company offers different car insurance quotes and it is therefore necessary to use comparative calculators to find out how and where to insure your new or used Honda Accord.

Honda Accord vs Other cars - average annual rates

It started as early as 1976, when the Honda Accord car became one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States. And not only here, Accord has experienced - and is still experiencing - popularity in other places around the world.  The Honda Accord is without a doubt a cheap vehicle to cover via auto insurance. But how does the Honda Accord compare to other cars? The table below lists the most popular cars in the US. As you can see, Honda Accord insurance, at least for the LX-P 4-Dr Sedan, is more than $ 100 a year cheaper than the Honda Odyssey LX and nearly $ 300 cheaper than the Jeep Compass Sport.

Make Model Average rate
Honda Accord LX-P 4-Dr Sedan $1,150
Honda Odyssey LX $1,270
Subaru Outback 2.5i $1,280
Mazda CX-3 Sport $1,295
Jeep Wrangler Sport $1,300
Honda HR-V LX $1,310
Honda CR-V LX $1,345
Ford Escape S $1,350
Jeep Renegade Sport $1,350
Subaru Forester 2.5i $1,375
Jeep Compass Sport $1,420

Compare Honda Accord auto insurance rates by year

As you can see below, if we compare policy prices for the Honda Accord model series from 2000 to 2018, we find that the price is clearly rising. It should be noted that all rates are averaged for all Honda Accord trim levels. The table below shows how much you will pay for comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and basic liability insurance (which is mandatory). These prices are based on the assumption that your Honda Accord has standard equipment and safety features. This is a factory-fitted equipment. If you have equipped your car with newer (more modern) equipment, the price of the insurance policy will vary (it may rise or fall by several percent). According to these data, we can assume that the total premium for the 2019 Honda Accord will be around $1,250. This price will vary depending on the insurance company you choose, your driving history and location.

Model Year Comprehensive Collision Liability Total Premium
2018 Honda Accord $316 $494 $381 $1,191
2017 Honda Accord $304 $490 $389 $1,183
2016 Honda Accord $296 $478 $407 $1,181
2015 Honda Accord $288 $458 $421 $1,167
2014 Honda Accord $274 $442 $433 $1,149
2013 Honda Accord $266 $412 $443 $1,121
2012 Honda Accord $256 $388 $447 $1,091
2011 Honda Accord $248 $350 $451 $1,049
2010 Honda Accord $236 $322 $451 $1,009
2009 Honda Accord $228 $304 $455 $987
2008 Honda Accord $224 $284 $465 $973
2007 Honda Accord $212 $264 $465 $941
2006 Honda Accord $206 $240 $469 $915
2005 Honda Accord $196 $222 $465 $883
2004 Honda Accord $188 $202 $465 $855
2003 Honda Accord $182 $182 $459 $823
2002 Honda Accord $180 $178 $451 $809
2001 Honda Accord $178 $172 $443 $793
2000 Honda Accord $168 $164 $437 $769

Honda Accord insurance cost by trim

Although the rates below are indicative and each insurer may set a different rate for the same vehicle, it is a good idea to compare Honda Accord trim levels. As you can see in this table, by far the lowest rates - which range around $ 1,050 - has a Honda Accord LX-P 4-Dr Sedan. The highest annual policy rate boasts the Honda Accord EX-L 2-Dr Coupe, whose annual premium jumped to about $1,500. By the way, this comparison applies to these Honda Accord models - LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, EX-L w / Navi, and Touring.

Model & Trim Premium (Annual)
Honda Accord EX-L 2-Dr Coupe $1,500
Honda Accord LX-S 2-Dr Coupe $1,420
Honda Accord EX-L 4-Dr Sedan $1,200
Honda Accord EX 2-Dr Coupe $1,190
Honda Accord EX 4-Dr Sedan $1,100
Honda Accord LX 4-Dr Sedan $1,100
Honda Accord LX-P 4-Dr Sedan $1,050

Another estimate says: The average Honda Accord insurance rate is ca $1,890 per year for ADULTS, $3,136 for TEENS and $1,568 for SENIOR drivers...

Average Honda Accord car insurance rates by age

As you know, car insurance rates for Honda Accord are decreasing as your age increases. At least in general terms. Your location, driving history and type of your insurance policies also have a huge impact on your annual premium. The table below shows the average annual Honda Accord car insurance rates by age of a driver. Students and teenagers aged 16 to 19 pay more than $ 4,000, while seniors over 60 only pay $ 1,080 for annual policy. Average auto insurance rates for Honda Accord drivers aged between 30 and 40 are around $1,300. These amounts are the sum of Comprehensive, Collision and Liability insurance.

Driver Age Honda Accord Premium
16 – 19 $4,250
20 – 29 $2,420
30 – 39 $1,320
40 – 49 $1,210
50 – 59 $1,150
60 up $1,080

How to lower car insurance rates in 2019/2020?

Whether you want to buy cheaper car insurance on a Honda Accord or another car, the procedure is always similar. Follow the steps below to find out how to reduce your annual premiums. Depending on your age, you must choose the right insurance company. Explore GEICO car insurance rates by state and consider in which company you insure your car. Remember that the price of car insurance is significantly affected by your age, driving ability or location, as well as the cost of your car, its equipment and security. Shopping around is always important. If you buy the first online offer, you definitely do not buy the cheapest. Negotiate with the insurance company, ask for additional discounts, be reluctant. Buying the right car can save you hundreds of dollars of annual premiums. If you are a teenager, consider everything twice, you have twice the high prices!

  1. Consider your coverage level, you can cancel comprehensive and collision if you don't need it
  2. Buy a safe car, new models of Honda Accord should be fine (however, the price of insurance will be slightly higher)
  3. Keep your credit record positive
  4. Choose the right insurer and maximize your auto insurance discounts
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"Honda Accord car insurance rates for 2020"

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Written by Zed (unregistered)
Mon, 12/09/2019 - 21:39

Based on my own experience, you could pay less than $ 145 a month for Honda Accord car insurance. I'm not you, of course. Even so, I'm just an average driver who drives without an accident, but otherwise I don't have any special bonuses. Ask friends how much they pay yearly or monthly. I suspect that some insurance companies favor those customers who pay auto insurance once a year. They get money immediately, so they get cheaper a bit :)

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