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Honda Accord Car Insurance Rates: Who Has the Cheapest?

Updated • 3 years 3 months ago

How much will you pay for car insurance at GEICO compared to other auto insurance companies?

Recent news: While searching the best policy for you Honda Accord do not miss the opportunity to explore the true cost to own this vehicle. This means, you need to fully understand the cost of buying an Accord, monthly repair, upkeep and insurance fees. After that, you will be able to estimate the real cost of Honda Accord ownership. Honda Accord car insurance in 2019 is "just a significant part" of this financial budget. Depending on your location, driving history (which is a large factor in determining the rate you pay for a coverage) and preferred insurance plan, you will need to find out, how much coverage you do really need. It makes sense to buy the cheapest Honda car insurance, but You should also reckon with the fact, that even a minor automobile accident can exceed the amount your insurer (insurance company) will pay out. In this case, you should consider to lower or raise your deductible to improve your rate?

Based on latest information, starting in 2019, auto insurance premiums are expected to increase!

Honda Accord auto insurance rates in 2019

Based on many stats, the Honda Accord is one of the best-selling vehicles in California and across the United States. Drivers have always had a special relationship with the Honda Accord both in 1976 and 2018. Insuring a Honda Accord  costs less than insuring most other vehicles in the same class. How much does it cost to insure your 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - 2018 Honda Accord? The average Honda Accord car insurance cost is $56 a month ($680 yearly), where the cheapest auto insurance company for the Honda Accord is Progressive ($380 - average annual cost) and GEICO ($600 - average annual cost) and the most expensive insurer is American Family, Nationwide or ALFA. While comparing Honda Accord car insurance quotes online or otherwise, do not forget to ask insurance agents in your area how to lower car insurance premiums. 

Yes, in some cases, you may save up to 60% on your Honda Accord coverage simply by changing your policy.

Lowest rates $325
Your Honda Accord rates Ask for quotes
Average rates $680
Highest rates $1850
All coverage costs are indicative and the final price may be lower or higher depending on the type of policy - You can ask for more accurate quotes.

Progressive car insurance rates - Honda Accord models

When comparing car insurance quotes for 2011 - 2019 Honda Accord by Progressive insurance company, there are clear results. The older the "Accord" is, the cheaper it is to insure compared to newer versions of this vehicle. The 2011 Honda Accord insurance rates (by Progressive) are around $290 yearly, while the 2018 Honda Accord  coverage cost about $395. But remember, that your location and vehicle make (model) have much bigger impact on insurance premiums than age.

The fact that Honda Accord is the most popular car in America doesn't mean it is the best choice and the car to drive in California.

Year and Model Insurer Insurance Rates
2019 Honda Accord - edmunds Progressive $420 – just an estimate
2018 Honda Accord Progressive $395
2017 Honda Accord Progressive $390
2016 Honda Accord Progressive $375
2015 Honda Accord Progressive $365
2014 Honda Accord Progressive $340
2013 Honda Accord Progressive $330
2012 Honda Accord Progressive $325
2011 Honda Accord Progressive $290

Car insurance rates for 2014 Honda Accord by insurance company

Compare all car insurance companies at once and find out, how expensive is car insurance for your vehicle and who has the cheapest auto insurance rates for you model of Honda Accord (2011, 2018 - 2019). In general, below insurance quotes does not include a comprehensive insurance coverage which cover damage or loss to your car that is not a collision. If you seek a career that offers fully comp cover (higher level of protection), prepare yourself for higher rates. This applies for all insurance companies and vehicles, not just Honda Accord.

Insurance Company 2014 Honda Accord Rates (Average Annual Cost)
Progressive $340
State Farm $420
GEICO $510
Safeco $600
Erie $610

What are the cheapest cars to insure between popular models?

Some Ford's (Escape, F-150, Fusion) are going to be cheaper to insure than some Honda's (Accord, Civic, CR-V) and vice versa, but auto insurance premiums are based on numerous factors and the final cost of you Honda Accord coverage is composed of many components. Depending on your location and the insurance company you choose, the above mentioned factors - which determine car insurance premiums - include:

  1. Where you live (work): where you live also has an effect on your auto insurance premium
  2. Your policy and deductibles: higher deductible means a lower monthly payment
  3. What you drive (model): vehicles with many safety features and great safety are cheaper to insure
  4. Your driving history (record): drivers with "dirty" records must pay more
Rank Vehicle Make (Model) Average Annual Premium
1 Subaru Outback $1,500
2 Ford Escape $1,600
3 Toyota RAV4 $1,700
4 Chevrolet Equinox $1,700
5 Honda CR-V $1,700
6 Nissan Rogue $1,700
7 Jeep Cherokee $1,700
8 Jeep Wrangler $1,700
9 Honda Accord (full coverage) $1,800
10 Toyota Highlander $1,800
11 Ford F-Series trucks $1,800
12 GMC Sierra $1,800
13 Chevrolet Cruze $1,800
14 Ford Fusion $1,800
15 Honda Civic $1,900
16 Toyota Camry $1,900
17 Chevrolet Silverado $1,900
18 Dodge Ram trucks $1,900
19 Nissan Altima $1,900

What do you pay for insurance?

While searching and browsing auto insurance forums and discussions, you will hear so many people complaining about the high cost of car insurance. Some people complain and never do anything about the problem, while other are active but don't know how to lower their insurance fees. Each insured driver aged under 25 years must deal with huge auto insurance rates not just for old models of Honda Accord, but virtually for any purchased vehicle. Yes, car insurance for teens can be very expensive but there are some ways to lower your rates and save money. You don't need your own policy, you can get on your parents’ policy. Driving safer car with many safety features and modern equipment is also a way to obtain auto insurance discount. You should consider to visit driver's school and take a driver training.

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"Honda Accord Car Insurance Rates: Who Has the Cheapest?"

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