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Geico Car Insurance Review 2019 - Compare Rates & Services

Updated • 2 years 9 months ago

If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance for yourself or family members, it is hard to avoid insurance companies like GEICO in your search. This company does not offer by far the cheapest auto insurance quotes, but it is also not the most expensive. Since GEICO sells auto insurance along with homeowners, renters or motorcycle insurance, they are able to offer preferential prices to those who unite their insurance contracts into one from GEICO. In short, GEICO is extremely popular with shoppers who want to compare auto insurance quotes online. We will evaluate the positive and negative at a later stage of the review, but we can already say that customers are usually satisfied with the buying process and the easy online quotes calculator. GEICO also has fast claim processing and competitive rates compared to other large companies. But that's not all ...

Compare GEICO car insurance rates with other insurers

We already know that GEICO is a significant player in the US insurance field. But how does it compare to other insurance companies operating in the same market? Low price auto insurance is an important factor for customers, perhaps even the most important purchasing factor. In the end, however, the most important thing is whether the insurer provides quality and sustainable services, fulfills promises, offers quality if not top customer service and other services. Let's start by comparing car insurance prices and insurance rates across insurance companies in the United States. Who is the cheapest and vice versa, who offers the most expensive policies?

Full coverage vs minimum coverage (comparison)

How does GEICO compare to other insurance companies such as American Family, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, State Farm or Allstate? Keep in mind that in the event of a car accident, your damage and injuries charges may climb to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Be sure to choose the right car insurance coverage levels to reflect your needs. You should also understand the car insurance requirements in your state. We will discuss this below. Let's compare GEICO minimum and full coverage car insurance rates with other insurance companies in the United States.

Insurance company Full coverage Minimum coverage
Geico $1,620 $610
American Family $1,200 $540
Travelers $1,260 $630
State Farm $1,320 $590
Nationwide $1,500 $760
Progressive $1,800 $750
Farmers $1,820 $810
Allstate $1,920 $870
Liberty Mutual $2,650 $1,110

GEICO vs Allstate: how does credit score affect auto insurance rates

In this section of the review, we compare how your credit score will affect the final price of auto insurance at insurance companies such as GEICO or Allstate. Let the competition begin. With many insurance companies, your credit history plays no or only minor role. As you can see in the table at Allstate, this is different. The rates below are indicative, but Allstate has a significantly higher average annual cost of auto insurance than GEICO. How would this comparison turn out if companies like Progressive, Esurance, Liberty Mutual, State Farm or Mercury came into play? We'll look at them later. Let's go back to review and compare Allstate vs Geico.

Read our comprehensive review of GEICO and Allstate and find out who has better auto insurance quotes and suits your needs better ...

Credit score GEICO average premium Allstate average premium
Very Poor (300-579) $2,050 $3,140
Fair (580-669) $1,340 $2,090
Good (670-739) $1,450 $2,030
Very Good (740-799) $1,120 $1,750
Exceptional (800-850) $1,020 $1,680

Geico vs. Progressive: average car insurance rates

GEICO and Progressive are clearly among the top three auto insurance companies in the US with annual sales that easily outperform other dealers. Use the following table to compare average car insurance rates between Progressive and GEICO. In addition to "relatively" similar prices, these companies are also linked by the fact that they have various lists of coverage options to customize policies. While GEICO focuses on online auto insurance sales, Progressive is more conservative and sells its contracts through both dependent and independent insurance agents. As you can see, according to these data from 2018 to 2019, GEICO clearly won over Progressive and other insurance companies. So why do some customers complain? Read below...

Driver profile Geico Progressive
Minimum required coverage $640 $780
Low-mileage driver $1,500 $1,900
Good driver with good credit $1,600 $1,900
Driver with a recent at-fault accident $2,900 $3,600

GEICO vs State Farm: who's better in 2019?

We made this comparison based on public data, studies and information published by the above companies. As you can see, State Farm and GEICO have similar automobile insurance rates in many situations, but in some they are totally different. If we compare GEICO's opposition to State Farm in the event of an at-fault accident, we find that the average auto insurance premium is virtually identical. In the case of GEICO, the average premium after at-fault accident increases to approx $2,179 and at State Farm it rises to $2,130. Negligible difference. However, their prices are quite different when it comes to drivers who have a bad credit history, have had a road accident, or have committed a traffic offense while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Geico vs State Farm: who's cheaper after DUI / DWI?

In this case, the winner is clear. These data indicate that GEICO is more suitable for reliable drivers who have been driving for a long time without traffic accidents and no offenses. After collecting the necessary data and analyzed car insurance rates for different driver groups with a DUI, we found the following information. Drivers who had a good credit history but had been under the influence of alcohol or drugs could expect the following car insurance rates. While State Farm rates were around $1,670, GEICO swung to a staggering $2,760. This study analyzed males and females profiles with a good credit score, aged 25-40, and 60-years old. Result? If you have one or more DUI violations, GEICO is not a good choice.

Insurance company Drivers with 1 DUI/DWI offense
Geico $2,760
State Farm $1,670

Who is more convenient for people with bad credit history?

If you have a bad credit record, choosing the right auto insurance is crucial for you. As you can see below, in this test, GEICO wins over State Farm with a great majority. If you have poor credit at State Farm, you pay an average of $ 2,850, while at GEICO you only pay $1,790. That's basically a thousand dollars more for annual auto insurance. 

Insurance company Poor credit & insurance rates
Geico $1,790
State Farm $2,850

GEICO vs Esurance: coverage options & discounts

Both GEICO and Esurance offer competitive rates and auto insurance discounts, and both companies offer identical 24/7 customer service and claims reporting. In the previous tables you will not find auto insurance rates from Esurance. Why? Because, in general, GEICO offers cheaper car insurance than Esurance. If we look at average rates, then the annual auto insurance premiums at GEICO are around $1,850, compared to Esurance's annual rate of $2,060 yearly. These prices vary considerably for drivers with poor driving history, one or more at-fault accidents, but also for low credit scores (in this case GEICO clearly wins). If both insurance companies offer similar auto insurance discounts, who is then cheaper for drivers with good driver history, owners of modern cars with many safety features, google students, or military members? The most interesting discounts for both GEICO and Esurance will be reflected if you have modern safety features in your car, such as automatic seat belts or multiple air bags (legally required), if you have a good driver history and installed antitheft system. Further discounts can be found in the table below.

Discount type GEICO Esurance
Safety device (automatic seat belts, air bags...) 25%–40% 2%–33%
Good driver history 26% 10%–40%
Multivehicle 25% Various discounts
Antitheft system 25% - good discount 5%–25%
Military affiliation 15% explained n/a
Good student 15% 10%
Federal employee 8% n/a
Antilock brakes 5% 5%
Daytime running lights 1% n/a
Defensive driving It varies by state 10%
Fast 5 n/a 5%
Emergency roadside assistance n/a 5%
Multipolicy Various discounts Various discounts

How much does your GEICO insurance rise after an accident?

Most of the complaints come from a sudden increase in rates. For example, if you cause minor damage in an accident or parking, GEICO may increase your premium and unexpectedly increase your monthly payments. This is the reality that is right in the DNA of insurance services. If you search the official FAQ page, you will learn that GEICO says that filing a claim will not immediately impact your rate. What do they mean when they say "immediately". In an hour, two, two weeks? The fact is, your policy will increase. Many people are furious that their insurance policy has increased by more than 20 percent after an accident or that it is absurd that insurance company denies and claim.

How will a claim affect your policy - GEICO

When a car accident occurs, GEICO recommends that you take a deep breath and relax. Based on information that you can verify here or by calling (800) 861-8380, filing a claim will not necessarily affect your premium, but the accident forgiveness program only applies to your first accident. Additionally, these programs are not available in California, Massachusetts or Connecticut.

How insurance rates increases after at-fault accident?

The table below does not cover minor scratches when parking or dented sheets after impact. The data below simulates an increase in auto insurance rates after a car accident. If you compare these numbers (statistics, if you want) with the table above, you will find that the increase can be between 4% - 40%. However, these are very rough figures, because each road accident is different and the amount of compensation is very individual. You can get the exact information on how your policy increases after an accident in California from your insurance company.

Insurance company Average premium after at-fault accident
GEICO $2,179
Allstate $2,200
State Farm $2,130
Liberty Mutual $2,120
Progressive $2,100
Farmers $1,900
Nationwide $1,800

GEICO car insurance rates by state (coverage calculator)

As you probably know, car insurance is regulated at the state level and its price is - among other factors - hugely affected by the location and your zip code. Establishing accurate car insurance prices by location is impossible. At GEICO, each driver is assessed individually and the final price of auto insurance is influenced by a number of factors. However, if you want a more accurate picture of what car insurance quotes are in each country of the United States, see the following table. You can sort the table headers so you can see the rows from the cheapest to the most expensive. According to this comparison, Minnesota, Georgia, Maine or California are the most expensive states (surpassing the average annual premium of $2000), while the cheapest are Maryland, Kansas, Illinois or Washington (their average annual rates are even under $1000).

State Monthly premium Average yearly premium
Alabama $104 $1248
Alaska $88 $1056
Arizona $88 $1056
Arkansas $96 $1152
California $139 $1668
Colorado $128 $1536
Connecticut $117 $1404
Delaware $140 $1680
Florida $113 $1356
Georgia $160 $1920
Hawaii $117 $1404
Idaho $78 $936
Illinois $73 $876
Indiana $90 $1080
Iowa $84 $1008
Kansas $70 $840
Kentucky $111 $1332
Louisiana $146 $1752
Maine $183 $2196
Maryland $63 $756
Massachusetts $99 $1188
Michigan $94 $1128
Minnesota $212 $2544
Mississippi $95 $1140
Missouri $95 $1140
Montana $106 $1272
Nebraska $104 $1248
Nevada $95 $1140
New Hampshire $104 $1248
New Jersey $80 $960
New Mexico $127 $1524
New York $101 $1212
North Carolina $129 $1548
North Dakota $67 $804
Ohio $98 $1176
Oklahoma $74 $888
Oregon $118 $1416
Pennsylvania $104 $1248
Rhode Island $104 $1248
South Carolina $164 $1968
South Dakota $102 $1224
Tennessee $100 $1200
Texas $107 $1284
Utah $104 $1248
Vermont $89 $1068
Virginia $78 $936
Washington $65 $780
West Virginia $88 $1056
Wisconsin $106 $1272
Wyoming $77 $924
Washington DC $103 $1236

Which claims increase your rates the most?

First of all, when it comes down to how to get the cheapest car insurance, you need to understand that in addition to various factors that are constantly cited on every "comparator", the most important factor is your long-term claim history. GEICO, like any other insurance company, wants to know whether you are a risky driver who will eventually break down or whether you are a driver with a clean register and driving history. Every time your insurer pays out and claim, you can 100% expect your rate to increase. And what claims increase your car insurance quotes the most? Yes, in terms of problem claims, bodily injury claims are definitely in the first place, mainly because they can result in significant medical bills. Following are comprehensive claims that include minor damages.

Consumer reviews and complaints about GEICO

Every major insurance company struggles with negative reviews. When it comes to car insurance from GEICO, the consumer most often praises high-quality customer service and affordable rates. On the other hand, there are a number of customer complaints aimed at increasing auto insurance rates, both at-fault-accidents and not-at-fault accidents. I have to say that the only insurer who never increased insurance quoted for drivers who had not-at-fault accidents is State Farm. According to a large number of reviews, testimonials and consumer complaints, it seems that if you become involved in a car accident and claim, GEICO in many cases raises policies.

If we look at GEICO's user reviews as objectively as possible, we must acknowledge that ratings on the Internet look quite positive. Finally, look for yourself. More than 3000 satisfaction rating (almost 4 star rating) and hundreds of written reviews can be found at Factual info, consumer complaints and comments relevant to GEICO can be found on (3.5 star rating). We don't know how objective GEICO car insurance reviews are on the official website, but judge for yourself. Here are positive and here negative consumer reviews. If you skip editor's review on, you will get over 500 user reviews with an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5. offers a different ranking system. Their customer satisfaction rating is based on 100 survey results, resulting in 83 points out of 100 in favor of GEICO.

Summed up: who has cheaper insurance than GEICO?

Our survey found that GEICO is for 2019/2020 not only a more affordable choice than Allstate and Farmers, but also wins over Progressive and Liberty Mutual. At least if you are looking first and foremost by price. Another advantage is that you can easily and quickly obtain GEICO auto insurance quotes, and their sales and service department is available by phone 24 hours a day. Although GEICO offers lower or comparable auto insurance prices to its competitors, it should be emphasized that GEICO does not have a discount program that encourages and rewards good driving habits. Another question is how your potential claim will affect your GEICO policy.

What will GEICO car insurance look like in 2020?

Predicting any changes in car insurance rates for future periods is often very tricky. Therefore, any information on auto insurance rates at GEICO for 2020 is at least premature, even though auto insurance premiums have a habit of rising each year. If you follow the table below, you can easily read that, except for 2013, when there was a more than 6% rate cut in auto insurance, rates have always risen by several percent. The total percentage change since 2011 is more than 20% upwards.  As for year-on-year changes, we expect an increase in auto insurance rates of about 4.20% for 2020. It is only a rough prognosis, which we will specify at the end of 2019, when we will have more current data and statistics. These rates do not only apply to GEICO, which has an approximately 13% share of the US auto insurance market, but essentially to all who will reflect them in their prices. Currently, it is mainly State Farm with 18% share, Progressive with 10% share, Allstate with 9% share and other insurance companies, which together hold about 30% of the market. It looks like many US drivers will probably soon pay more to insure their vehicles. Now you know how car insurance will change in early 2020, the question is, what do you do about it?

Year Average annual premium % year-on-year changes
2011 $1,220  
2012 $1,305 7,00%
2013 $1,227 -6,00%
2014 $1,262 2.90%
2015 $1,319 4.50%
2016 $1,410 6.90%
2017 $1,487 5.50%
2018 $1,521 2.30%
2019 $1,575 3.50%
2020 $1,641 4.20% (prediction)

Determining auto insurance rates for your car

When it comes to buying auto insurance, every guess is good. Determining auto insurance rates is a complicated process influenced by a number of factors mentioned above. Car insurance quotes can - and indeed are - affected by the type of your car. The model, make, trim and even age of your car can significantly increase or decrease your policy. Although older cars are usually cheaper to insure than new cars, it always depends on the particular car. Vintage cars and classic cars have absolutely different insurance rates than the old Honda Accord, used Jeep, Ford or Subaru. Looking at this from a higher perspective, risk is virtually the only factor that insurance companies are interested in. The sum of the factors below will put together your rates. Risk rates, statistics, analysis of previous claims and other factors are part of the calculation that is behind the auto insurance quotes you receive from GEICO or another insurance company.

How does your vehicle affect insurance rates?

  1. Price of the vehicle and spare parts at the time of calculation of the auto insurance policy.
  2. The equipment of your vehicle can increase and decrease the price of your policy
  3. Modern security features increase security, but are also expensive if you claim
  4. Larger vehicles (SUV's usually) are more expensive to insure than lower middle class vehicles
  5. According to some studies, even color can affect the price of your auto insurance. Black (and dark at all) vehicles are 40% more likely to be involved in road accidents than vehicles of other colors (such as white).

For many people the problem is to determine or calculate auto insurance rates. Why? Getting a quote is not a matter of seconds or a few minutes. Usually it is necessary to fill in complex "multi-step" forms and the result is only an estimate, not a final rate. So how to find out, how much do you pay for your car without having to fill out a form called "get instant insurance quotes"? And find out nothing? Please read this article carefully, discuss it with others or just ask, we will be happy to calculate rates for you. o get started, check the average car insurance rates by model and type of your car...


Model (trim)

Average premium (estimate)

Honda Accord Car Insurance Accord LX-P 4-Dr Sedan $1,150 (30 - 40 years old driver)
Jeep Wrangler Freedom $1,160
Honda Odyssey LX $1,180
Subaru Crosstrek $1,230
Subaru Outback 2.5I $1,230
Fiat 500X Pop $1,240
Mazda CX-3 Sport $1,240
Mazda CX-5 Sport $1,240
Jeep Compass Sport $1,250
Honda HR-V LX $1,250
Ford Escape S $1,250
Jeep Renegade Sport $1,260
Hyundai Tucson SE $1,260
Jeep Cherokee Latitude $1,260
Buick Encore $1,270
GMC Canyon SL $1,270
unknown 90%

Comments: questions & answers!

"Geico Car Insurance Review 2019 - Compare Rates & Services"

California Car Insurance Geico Los Angeles

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Pros (Geico car insurance)

  • A lot of discounts - not suitable for every driver
  • Innovative mobile applications and overall instinctive online environment when shopping for car insurance
  • Easy repair process - geico claim center - Geico claims center is down from time to time, cal: call 1-800-731-0282

Cons (Geico car insurance)

  • Low online customer service reviews, which is, however, subjective
  • Many customers complain about unreasonable rate hikes
  • High increase in auto insurance rates if you have made a claim
  • Claims are typically handled online only
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