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Find the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles & get a free consultation!

Updated • 3 years ago

LA personal injury lawyer news: Because personal injury law offices works with those who have suffered an injury in an auto accident or any other activity, it is very important to find and hire an experienced personal injury attorney from Los Angeles and even from more distant areas who knows how claim process works and how to calculate a personal injury settlement. Below are some of the best-rated car accident lawyers from Los Angeles in California.

  • Ledger Emery from Los Angeles - call for a free consultation (855) 284-5265
  • Zachary Mccready - call for a free consultation (714) 798-2953
  • Arzani Law and Sherwin Arzani - call for a free consultation (424) 276-6462
  • Scott Dormer law office - call for a free consultation (310) 692-7509
  • Steven M. Sweat is a personal injury lawyer with over 19 years of experience with personal injury cases and wrongful death claims. Steven Sweat has been honored as the "best rated" company in California by top Rated Local®. Toll Free: 866-966-5240

If you've been involved in a traffic accident in Los Angeles and around, we can help you find out what to do (and what not), how to find the right car accident attorney near Los Angeles, California, how to ask for a free initial consultation, what number to call in this case and what to do next! Well, driving a car in large cities such as Los Angeles comes with a serious risk of injury or accident. This helpful guide will answer some of your accident-related questions about your Los Angeles automobile accident. Most people associate personal injury lawyers with car accident cases and it's so right, but personal injury lawyers are not limited just to car, motorcycle and truck accidents, but they also handle medical malpractice cases, wrongful death or product liability cases. Despite this fact are traffic accidents the most common types of cases personal injury lawyers handle. Follow our guide and find an experienced and well-skilled (google reviews) personal injury lawyer for your car accident claim near LA.

Virtually all personal injury lawyers near me offer a free consultation. Make sure they do!

Find and connect with Los Angeles's best car accident attorneys

Each motor vehicle accidents attorney from Los Angeles knows, traffic accidents occur more frequently on highways and in urban areas, where is higher volume of vehicles on the roadways. What does it mean for you? If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident near Los Angeles or anywhere in California, it is crucial to seek a proper legal representation as soon as possible. Choosing the right automobile accident attorney can be tough with many firms saying they're the "best" with personal injury related cases and that's why is finding the right law firm from a list of car accident attorneys the most important step for anyone who has been injured (involved) or whose property has been damaged. While searching for a personal injury attorney on the internet and reading reviews, you can visit free profiles of top rated Los Angeles car accident attorneys on,,,, and other "law related" websites such as: Super Lawyers, Indeed, Nolo, Martindale or

What to ask a personal injury lawyer during your free consultation?

Your free legal consultation is an opportunity to assess the quality of the lawyer and start your injury case. While every state's pretrial procedures are very different, a timeline of a personal injury case is practically identical. So, what should you ask a personal injury lawyer at your first free consultation and how to recognize an experienced trial attorney? Firstly: An honest car accident lawyer with high communication skill will answer your questions in a clear manner, will have the ability to analyze the situation and, finally commitment, research skills and strong judgment. Before knocking down the door of any law firm handling personal injury cases in California or near Los Angeles, prepare your questions ahead of time. What can you expect during a free consultation? If you were wrongfully injured, the personal injury attorney will need to fully understand your legal case before he will be able to determine your role in the case and proceed with any legal action.

Scheduling a consultation with a personal injury attorney is an important step forward, make sure you are ready for your free injury lawyer consultation.

  1. How many injury law cases have you handled and won?
  2. How about my case? Will it go to trial or be settled out of court?
  3. What does your instinct tell you about me and my injury case?
  4. Have you handled personal injury (car accident) cases similar to mine?
  5. Can you provide me with testimonials, reviews and references?
  6. What are your experiences with ethics committees and bar associations in California?
  7. How do you charge your payments, fees and when?
  8. What number of your cases are referrals from other law firms?
  9. If you don't recover money for me, there is no fee? (no fee if no recovery)

How to maximize (minimize) compensation in Your personal injury case?

One of the important parts of recovering from a traffic accident is ensuring you have enough financial compensation. The average settlements in personal injury cases typically range from $2,000 to $85,000, but it may varies a lot, depending on the type of case, and many other details. Thus is very smart to contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible or immediately after receiving initial medical treatment. In that case they can start working and improve your chances of higher compensation.

Economic recovery Non-economic recovery
Past medical expenses Mental anguish
Future and past lost wages Pain and suffering
Future medical expenses Permanent disability
Other out-of-pocket costs Disfigurement

Los Angeles car accident statistics

  • More than 600 people die from car accidents in LA each year
  • Over 85,000 car accidents involved property damage in Los Angeles County. 
  • More than 50,000 people experienced injuries from auto accidents in LA County
unknown 90%

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"Find the best car accident attorney in Los Angeles & get a free consultation!"

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