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Everything You Need To Know About Uncontested Divorce

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Divorce could easily become a complex and lengthy conflict between couples. However, it could be possible to entirely skip the court and simplify the divorce process for couples pursuing a mutually negotiated divorce. An uncontested divorce is one choice for divorce seekers if they can accept separation terms and conditions outside the courts.


How It Works


Uncontested divorce relates to a divorce in which both partners agree to get a divorce and can settle all legal decisions without appearing before a judge. If a couple has decided to file for divorce but cannot fully agree on some terms of the divorce, the spouses may resolve their differences through mediation instead of going through family court.


In a mediation proceeding, a single divorce lawyer can represent both spouses, or each spouse can have his or her divorce lawyer to settle the terms of the divorce. An uncontested divorce attorney can assist with all aspects of the process, including:


  •    Child custody
  •    Child support
  •    Property division
  •    Alimony


While it may seem unnecessary to have a divorce lawyer for mediation, an experienced divorce lawyer can significantly benefit throughout the process. Divorce lawyers can help clarify the terms of the divorce, but they can also help to ensure that a spouse's rights and interests are protected throughout the negotiation process.


Seeking representation from a knowledgeable attorney can give you the peace of mind that someone is working on your behalf to reach the most favorable resolution possible. When you find yourself in the dangerous situation of dissolving your marriage, it is vital that you take account of the specifics and are willing to battle for your rights. Please call 714-733-7066, the law firm of Jos Family Law, one of the best Divorce lawyers in Orange, CA, if you want an experienced, committed, and inspiring lawyer to represent you.

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"Everything You Need To Know About Uncontested Divorce"

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