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Child Custody Witnesses: Little Known Ways to Winning Child Custody Cases

Updated • 5 months ago

Preparing for a divorce will also lead to two parties going their own way to live happy and more fulfilling lives. There can be good and serious consequences when a couple wants to split. Such cases, however, are rarely simple. Especially when applying for divorce, which requires child custody, these cases can become increasingly difficult to resolve.


Depending on the case and the issues involved, the following individuals might make excellent witnesses in your child custody action. Details, like names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each witness, along with a brief explanation as to what connection and knowledge the individual has that relates to your case must be provided early on in the case to your child custody attorney.


  • A list of your child’s teachers for the past two years
  • A list of family doctors, therapist or other counselors
  • Friends or family members who have frequent contact with the children
  • Babysitters, daycare workers, nannies, or other providers of care for your children
  • Coaches, scout leaders, or other adults teaching or assisting with your child’s extra circular activities.
  • Your pastor, minister, or other religious leaders who are involved with your family
  • The name of any Child Protective Service worker who has had contact or involvement with your family


Such a list is not intended to be inclusive. Those names should be provided if you believe that other individuals have information relevant to your case. If you are seeking an attorney who understands the pain, the struggle, and what it takes to fight for your family’s rights in a child custody matter, look no further then Jos Family Law, the best child custody attorney in Orange, CA. For a free consultation, contact us at 714-733-7066 or

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"Child Custody Witnesses: Little Known Ways to Winning Child Custody Cases"

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