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How to compare and get car insurance quotes?

Updated • 3 years 9 months ago

It may be easy to compare and get an accurate car insurance quotes so why so many questions about this problematic? Simply because many of these auto insurance coverage levels and policies can be very complicated and car insurance rates varies greatly depending on your location and the insurance company (agent, broker) you choose. Shopping for car insurance can be a simple process, but also an awful experience, which depends on which comparison website you use and trust. We can help you explore auto insurance rates from reliable companies near you, compare the best quotes from multiple agents in your area and make this process as easy as possible. But remember that not all insurers in your area are offering auto insurance products and coverage levels that you may need. And finally, the price should never be the only factor while comparing car insurance rates! Learn more about how vehicle value, your location, credit history, age and marital status, coverage and deductibles, your vehicle type and years of experience affect your car insurance rates.

Get quotes from the largest auto insurance companies of 2018-2019

You probably know the largest auto insurers who operate in your state. These companies, such as State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, GEICO or Farmers, control more than 60% of the auto insurance market in the United States. Are you a 16 year old driver? Based on our survey, the cheapest car insurance company for 16-year-olds is GEICO and Progressive, but we always recommend to shop around, because rates may vary also according to other parameters. Larger insurance companies can provide even more benefits. Financial stability and a broad base of insurance agents and brokers together with non-stop customer service is also very important for the end customer. After getting car insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers,  you will be able to decide what are your priorities and which insurer in your area is the best for you or your family.

Rank Auto Insurance Company Consumer satisfaction rating How to get quotes
1 State Farm About average for claims satisfaction Get quotes – directly
2 GEICO Better than most for claims satisfaction Get quotes – directly
3 Allstate About average for claims and shopping Get quotes – directly
4 Progressive Among the rest for shopping satisfaction Get quotes – directly
5 USAA Among the best for claims and shopping Get quotes – directly
6 Farmers About average for claims and shopping Get quotes – directly
7 Liberty Mutual Better than most for shopping satisfaction Get quotes – directly
8 Nationwide About average for claims and shopping Get quotes – directly
9 American Family Better than most for shopping satisfaction Get quotes – directly
10 Travelers About average for claims Get quotes – directly

Who has the most and least expensive car insurance for 2019?

Car insurance premiums has increased sharply in recent years.  Insurers note that auto thefts and increased rise in claim costs is the main reason. Driving one of the "cheapest to insure cars" can save you some money in your pocket every month as well as living in an area with low ratio of claim. These and many other factors can significantly affect the price of your policy! While the average rates don't work in insurance market, because insurance products might differ widely depending on what type of policyholder you are, people are still interested in average prices. The average annual auto premium in Michigan is about $2400, which is the highest compared to the national average. On the other hand, the cheapest auto insurance rates around $1000 are in Ohio, Maine, New York or Idaho.

Lowest rates (Erie, Mercury, Progressive) $460
How about you? Ask for quotes
Highest rates (Farmers, Allstate, State Farm) $3560
All rates are indicative and the final cost may be lower or higher depending on many factors - You can ask for more accurate quotes.

Compare car insurance quotes and rates by company

All sample insurance rates are for general comparison purposes only simply because car insurance quotes vary by state, age, credit and driver's history, by your demographics and model of vehicle you drive. Some comparison websites are affiliated and have a relationship to the insurer (agent or provider) being compared while others allows you to get online car insurance quotes without necessity to provide personal information such as social security numbers, emails, phone numbers or driver's license numbers. But the reality is such that you likely won't be able finding the cheapest insurer in your area, because auto insurance quotes are based on personal information you do not want to offer. I think i understand that!

Rank Insurance Company  Average Annual Rate
1 Erie $1,000
2 GEICO $1,050
3 American Family  $1,100
4 Progressive $1,250
5 Auto Owners  $1,250
6 Farmers $1,250
7 State Auto  $1,360
8 State Farm $1,370
9 Nationwide $1,400
10 Allied $1,450
11 Safe Auto  $1,750
12 Allstate $1,760
13 Victoria $2,000
14 MetLife $2,050
15 Encompass $2,150

Car insurance rates by state - 2018 rankings

While reading following table, it's easy to get the impression that getting cheaper insurance is impossible. The opposite is true! Smaller and less populated states (this also applies to cities) may benefit from cheap car insurance in the years 2018-2019. According to various studies, the average annual cost of car insurance paid in the U.S was $920 in 2018. These amounts may increase even further in 2019. That is why it's so important to compare insurers in your area before purchase auto insurance. While car insurance costs are largely based on a driving record (history), type and model of vehicle, annual miles driven (no accident), car insurance rates in general vary from one state to another and also depends on your exact location (city, town, county).

  1. What state pays the most for car insurance: Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, California
  2. States in which residents pay the lowest insurance rates: Iowa, Ohio, Vermont, Maine
Rank (descending) State Average premiums
1 Michigan $2,230
2 Louisiana $2,120
3 Florida $2,000
4 Rhode Island $1,850
5 Connecticut $1,800
6 DC $1,820
7 California $1,730
8 Georgia $1,650
9 Delaware $1,640
10 Texas $1,500
11 Colorado $1,540
12 Wyoming $1,540
13 Oklahoma $1,530
14 Kentucky $1,520
15 Arkansas $1,500
16 Nevada $1,480
17 Montana $1,400
18 Maryland $1,430
19 West Virginia $1,400
20 Mississippi $1,400
21 New Jersey $1,380
22 New York $1,360
23 New Mexico $1,350
24 Arizona $1,350
25 Washington $1,300
26 Kansas $1,300
27 South Carolina $1,300
28 Missouri $1,250
29 Oregon $1,250
30 Alabama $1,230
31 Hawaii $1,200
32 Illinois $1,200
33 Minnesota $1,200
34 Nebraska $1,200
35 South Dakota $1,200
36 Tennessee $1,200
37 Alaska $1,200
38 Massachusetts $1,170
38 Maine $1,170
40 Pennsylvania $1,130
41 Utah $1,130
42 North Carolina $1,100
43 Indiana $1,090
44 Wisconsin $1,080
45 North Dakota $1,080
47 New Hampshire $1,000
47 Virginia $1,000
48 Iowa $1,000
49 Idaho $980
50 Ohio $940
51 Vermont $930

Average car insurance rates by age

Age Lowest Rates 50/100/50 (limits) 100/300/100 (limits)
20 $1,100 $1,260 $3,210
21 $870 $1,000 $2,510
22 $790 $900 $2,280
23 $730 $830 $2,110
24 $680 $770 $1,980
25 $600 $690 $1,740
35 $550 $620 $1,560
45 $520 $590 $1,460
55 $490 $560 $1,360
65 $510 $580 $1,400
75 $630 $710 $1,650
85 $770 $880 $1,980

Where and how can you find the cheapest car insurance?

Many people pay excessive amounts for their auto insurance every year for many years, but why? Insurance companies are too lazy and greedy when it comes to offer a cheaper insurance or an interesting discount. So, how to explore car insurance quotes from all available insurance companies and where to find the lowest rates? The only really working way to ensure you’re getting the best insurance quotes is to shop around. This fact has remained unchanged for many years. Are you paying too much? It might be better to read some tips and change your old policy, which can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. During the comparison don't ignore small and even the smallest insurers in your area, you might be surprised with cheap insurance rates, family approach, special offers and personally targeted discounts. These preferential rates may apply for teens and young drivers, high-risk (or no-risk) drivers with record, and people living in areas with a high rate of traffic accidents.The disadvantages are limited coverage area, worse availability and cheaper but lower coverage.

How to save? Why this choice? Discount?
Don’t ignore regional insurers Regional insurers such as Erie, Metlife, Auto-Owners, Mercury may have - in some cases - much lower rates. 5 – 40%
Choose the right car Cars with anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, tracking systems and modern safety equipment are cheaper to insure. 5 – 20%
Pay your bills on time Bills may greatly affect your credit score (payment history). Even one missed payment by several days mean, you could see your credit score damaged. 0 – 5%
Check for discounts Drivers with certain characters tend to have fewer accidents, also file fewer claims and therefore have cheaper rates. 5 - 20%
unknown 90%

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"How to compare and get car insurance quotes?"

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Written by John (unregistered)
Wed, 11/28/2018 - 09:45

U.S marketplace is full of websites where you can compare auto insurance rates from multiple insurance companies at once, but the search and comparison itself is very confusing. Each of this servers is affiliated with as many insurers as possible, but commission may vary a lot. What does it mean for an end-customer? It means, you dont know, if the server is going to find the best and cheapest car insurance that fit your personal needs and budget, or whether it is pursuing its own interests. In short...higher commission from a specific auto insurance product. What does it mean for you? The only working way is to compare comparison websites to ensure you find one with the real best rates. In short,...those that will not cheat you!

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