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Can I Skip Child Support Obligations By Declaring Bankruptcy?

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Relationships can get complicated for military couples. While some work through lifestyle changes without major incidence, others simply cannot handle the stresses related to the job. In combination with the natural danger that faces service members each day, the distances involved during deployment can cause a married couple to feel as if they do not relate to one another any longer.

In these instances, the differences between the two individuals can become so great that divorce becomes the best option to enable both parties to move forward. However, as with many things concerning the military, certain differences in the law alter the process of divorce for a married couple in which at least one person is in the armed forces.

Overall, these changes to the law tend to complicate divorce proceedings instead of expediting them. Military divorces are affected by the Uniformed Services Former Spouse's Protection Act, or USFSPA.

One of the major changes this law provides, which is echoed by similar legislation and regulations concerning different types of pay, is that retirement funds are permissible to divide according to the state's standards. This means, depending on where the service member files for divorce, their spouse may be eligible for a portion of their retirement pay as part of the marital property.

Many states relax their residency restrictions to assist military couples due to the widespread relocation of their home life, which can see the couple or the individual in the military moving from base to base as per new assignments. In this way, many service members can file for divorce when it would otherwise be impossible.

Family disputes can be upsetting, costly, and stressful. Despite that, it would be most beneficial to get the proper advice before moving on divorce, child care, parental custody, adoption, or other important legal matter. Reach the law office of Fizer Law, at 1-562-270-9944, the Best Divorce Lawyer in Long Beach, CA, to obtain the guidance you require to make wise and well-informed choices.



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"Can I Skip Child Support Obligations By Declaring Bankruptcy?"

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