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Beware Of the 3 Most Common Child Custody Issues

Updated • 1 year 5 months ago

Even if you are trying to maintain a good relationship with your ex in a child custody case, you may end up having complications. As a caution, here are three of the most common issues that may cause difficulties in child custody situations.


  • Parents trying to manipulate The Children against the other - This can often be a problem, especially when the split was brutal, and there is bad blood between the two parties. This is something that you need to become aware of very quickly. It would be best if you were not bad-mouthing your partner in front of your children. It does no-one any good and does not improve the situation.


  • Poor Advice - This can happen both in the legal sense of the word when your child custody lawyer doesn’t perform as you hoped. But also when you seek advice from the internet, or a support group, and later discover some key ingredient or fact, that would have made a big difference to your case. Research and consult before hiring.


  • Child Support - Financial issues are always the top priority of parents besides the children because the plain fact is that we all have to eat, pay our bills, etc., and it all costs money. On top of everyday household expenses come the costs of childcare, school trips, and more. So it is certain that unless money is plentiful, you will almost unavoidably find yourself arguing with your ex about child support payments and amounts at some stage.


When you are seeking an attorney who recognizes the pain, the struggles, and what it demands to fight for your family’s rights in a child custody matter, look no further than Jos Family Law, the best child custody attorney in Orange, CA. Besides, you will be able to discover how we have assisted others in related situations like your own, how we can help you, and the best subsequent steps to develop a strong case. For a free discussion, contact us at 714-733-7066 or

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"Beware Of the 3 Most Common Child Custody Issues "

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