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The best Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers & What to do after a bike crash

Updated • 1 year 10 months ago

If you or someone you love has been injured (or even killed) in a bicycle-vehicle accident, your first steps should be directed to an experienced bicycle accident attorney from Los Angeles. Why? Because during road accidents involving cars, cyclists or bikers, unpleasant injuries occur, often with permanent health complications and lifelong consequences. Often these are not only broken bones, difficult spinal cord injuries or lacerations, but also psychological problems and traumatic head injuries that are difficult to treat. If you need a quick treatment, find an acute care clinic, hospital or surgical clinic in LA. If you need a lawyer to help you get financial compensation you deserve, here is a complete list of lawyers and law firms in Los Angeles. These lawyers will work to find out what really happened to you, and who was actually responsible for the traffic accident and injuries caused by the collision.

Experienced bike accident lawyers in LA

Below are just a few of the well-rated injury lawyers in LA that focus on traffic accidents where bikes came into play. Here is a wide range of serious injuries when it comes to a passenger vehicle versus a bicycle, or even a collision with a truck or motorbike. Health comes first, but it costs a lot of money today. If you want the best treatment for yourself or your loved ones who rode a bike and collided with a car, look for quality and professional legal services in your city.

Bicycle riders face many risks that can often result in serious injuries that are exclusive to bicycle accidents ...

This is the only way to get fair compensation for personal injury or property damage. These bike accident lawyers practicing in Los Angeles are not necessarily the best in your area. We don't know them personally. But they claim to be professionals who know how to resolve litigation and defend those who have been involved in a road accident. Whether on a bike, motorcycle, in a passenger car, a truck, or on a quad or a bus. They are one of the well-rated LA lawyers who know that bikers have the same rights as motorists in Los Angeles, CA when it comes to sharing and using roads.

Types of bicycle accidents injuries that cyclists face:

  • Fatalities (death) - if the bike accident victim does not survive a crash, family members may be "compensated" in a wrongful-death claim. For these cases you will need a very good bike accident attorney with years of experience who knows how bike accident settlements in Los Angeles work.
  • Amputation - in accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians, serious injuries to parts of the body often occur. It can be a loss of body part, such as a finger, arm or leg. These cases often involve complicated psychological treatment.
  • Head and facial injuries - bicycle accident victims are often thrown over the handlebars. As you can imagine, head injuries can be very serious and devastating even with a helmet. Statistics show that in traffic accidents involving cyclists there are fractures of the skull, injuries of soft parts of the head, serious brain damage and often death of the cyclist.
    • If the cyclist rides at a speed of 15 km/h and falls head down. Its fall corresponds to a fall on the head on concrete from a height of 1 m.
    • If the cyclist rides at a speed of 25 km/h and falls from the bike to his head. Its fall equals a fall from a height of 2.5 m head down on concrete.
    • Cyclists and cars collided. The bike was driven at 15 km/h and the car at 35 km/h. The impact of the cyclist then equals a speed of 50 km/h and corresponds to a fall from a height of 10 m.

The illustration describes the risk of head injury depending on the speed of the cyclist or car.

  • Other injuries you may face include: bone fractures (hands, arms, shoulders, legs, hips, wrists, and other bones), dental injuries (chipped and cracked teeth, complicated inflammation, fracture of the upper or lower jaw), nerve damages (damage nerves in any part of the body can result in debilitating or immobilizing consequences) and other types of injuries with short, long term and life-long consequences.

How to handle yourself after a bike accident?

Anyone can get involved in a traffic accident. This also applies to wheeler's, who are, in addition, much more exposed to potential injuries, often with life-long consequences. So how to behave after a bike accident or other road accident? What to do and what not to do? What should we do first to minimize the negative consequences and what can we postpone? Every traffic incident can be costly, and lead to various body injuries. Do not admit a fault for anyone. At a later stage, the insurance company may try to deny your claim. Never lie about your role in an accident, be helpful. The list below will guide you step by step on how to handle matters at the scene.

  • Get yourself to safety. Distance yourself from road, vehicles, obstacles, fire or gas.
  • Check yourself and other participants for injuries. Call 911. Just do it or tell it to someone else.
  • Request an incoming police officer to make an accident report.
  • Call your lawyer (bike accident attorney) and report the accident to local law enforcement.
  • Do not leave the scene, if possible, take photo documentation and ask for contacts to others who were participants or observers. These contacts can help you in a later investigation by the police or insurance company.
  • Drive to the hospital or follow the advice of your lawyer.

Your car insurance policy can cover you on your bike

Most LA residents don't even know that properly set up auto insurance can reliably cover you even in a bicycle accident. At least in terms of financial compensation. We understand how frustrating and powerless it can be when cycling crashes happen. Minimize risk before a bicycle accident occurs and set up a comprehensive car insurance that will cover you even in the event of a bicycle accident. If you need advice, contact one of the Los Angeles insurance agents and update your existing insurance policy.  Always beware of clever insurers whose only interest is to sell you the most expensive insurance. It does not work like that. Read reviews and client testimonials before you contact any insurance broker.

Build a strong bike accident claim

Even if you leave without physical injury, do not underestimate the psychological and emotional trauma. Be sure to consult your accident with a Los Angeles bike accident / personal injury attorney after any type of bicycle accident. The right lawyer quickly finds out what your options are and whether you are entitled to monetary compensation for your physical or psychological injury or emotional pain (trauma). Although negotiating a personal injury claim with an insurance company is a rather exhausting and stressful process, getting a fair accident settlement is a satisfaction. 

How to get the personal injury settlement you deserve?

Do not forget to gather records at the scene, do not be annoying, but ask the driver for their full name and detailed contact information, his insurance company and policy number. Make a detailed photographic documentation and beware of what you say! Do not accept the first offer from the insurance adjuster, you'd better talk to your attorney.

All information provided by us is not a secret. Even so, many people do not know how to behave in the event of a car accident involving a collision of a car and a wheel or other two-wheeled vehicle. It may not come as a surprise that almost all auto insurance companies are trying to avoid paying for personal injuries. It is up to you whether you will be cheated or go into battle!

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"The best Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers & What to do after a bike crash"

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Written by Jake (unregistered)
Thu, 11/21/2019 - 11:50

Greetings. I have a problem with an uninsured biker. What happened? The cyclist rode unpredictably against a column of vehicles just when i was driving my car through the corner. Positive is that after the accident he was more interested in his bike than in himself. It seemed that nothing had happened to him.

What damage has happened and what to do?

I'm not sure what to do. I know that the worst scenario occurs if serious injuries occur. But how can I find out if there was any internal injury that could later lead to serious health complications or even death? Do i have to visit the hospital along with a cyclist? Is amicable settlement with him another way to avoid future disputes?

  1. My car has a cracked windshield.
  2. Cracked paint and dented sheets.
  3. The cyclist has a minor head injury. He has no insurance.
  4. Who will pay repair costs?
  5. Should I File a Claim Against Him?

Quick reply:

Hello Jake. When it comes to a road accident or crash with a cyclist, you should always make a report to your insurance company. At best, you should also call your lawyer. If you don't have one, consider searching for a car / bike accident attorney in your neighborhood. The way the accident looked, I'd recommend you to send him to the hospital via an ambulance for a check up. But as you mentioned, the cyclist committed at least an offense. I believe that riding against the flow of traffic is a big offence.

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