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Average Cost of Car Insurance in the US in 2020

Updated • 3 years 3 months ago

What's the average cost of car insurance in different US regions? Based on the latest statistics, the average cost of auto insurance in US is $1,450 per year, or approximately $120 per month. These prices are based on averaged driving profiles. We are talking about drivers aged 25-50, with good credit scores, who have been driving for years without a traffic accident. These prices are significantly affected depending on your coverage level and deductibles. Although it is appropriate for some drivers not to pay comprehensive or collision coverage, it is generally recommended to keep your liability insurance as high as possible to ensure that you are adequately covered in the event that you will be involved in an accident.

Car insurance quotes by state (United States)

So what is the average cost of car insurance in the US at the turn of 2019 - 2020? We have put together a list of average car insurance prices for each state. These prices reflect the average of all factors that affect the final price of auto insurance. These factors include your age, residence, credit and driving scores, and the model and type of car, its age and equipment. Since car insurance is regulated at the state level, it is a good idea to view this list, ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive regions. If you compare your current rates against your state's average (the table below that you can filter), you can see if you're paying too much for auto insurance or whether you're in the cheaper part of the spectrum.

State (US) Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Maryland $821 $68
Washington $843 $70
North Dakota $873 $73
Kansas $913 $76
Illinois $943 $79
Oklahoma $957 $80
Wyoming $995 $83
Virginia $1,001 $83
Idaho $1,007 $84
New Jersey $1,031 $86
Iowa $1,075 $90
Alaska $1,123 $94
West Virginia $1,131 $94
Vermont $1,135 $95
Indiana $1,147 $96
Michigan $1,203 $100
Nevada $1,209 $101
Mississippi $1,213 $101
Arizona $1,221 $102
Ohio $1,251 $104
Massachusetts $1,253 $104
Tennessee $1,267 $106
New York $1,277 $106
South Dakota $1,295 $108
Washington DC $1,301 $108
Alabama $1,313 $109
Nebraska $1,313 $109
Rhode Island $1,315 $110
Pennsylvania $1,319 $110
Montana $1,335 $111
Wisconsin $1,345 $112
Texas $1,353 $113
Kentucky $1,401 $117
Arkansas $1,421 $118
Florida $1,421 $118
Missouri $1,463 $122
Hawaii $1,473 $123
Connecticut $1,475 $123
Oregon $1,485 $124
New Mexico $1,597 $133
Colorado $1,607 $134
North Carolina $1,613 $134
California $1,741 $145
Delaware $1,753 $146
Utah $1,753 $146
Louisiana $1,823 $152
New Hampshire $1,841 $153
Georgia $1,985 $165
South Carolina $2,035 $170
Maine $2,265 $189
Minnesota $2,619 $218

How do I get the best deal on car insurance?

Well. This is a question for more than one year's premium. If I knew who had the cheapest and generally the best car insurance, I could spread it all over America. The truth is that each driving profile is different. And this is very important information. When searching for the cheapest car insurance you need to ask the right questions. In a best-case scenario, you'll never have to need a lawyer or use your car insurance. Your policy must not overburden you financially. On the other hand, it must have limits to protect you well if you have a claim. When searching for the best deal remember that finding the right car insurance will require investment of your time.

  1. Ask your friends and family what insurance they have and whether they are satisfied with prices and customer service.
  2. Get an overview of auto insurance prices across major insurance companies such as State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, Esurance, Progressive.
  3. Find out what coverage level you really need and what is unnecessary to pay.
  4. Try to find a well-rated independent insurance agent and make an appointment.
  5. Shop around. Make a list of the best and cheapest deals and reach insurers for discounts.
  6. Once again, compare all the pros and cons, prices, coverage levels and make the final decision.
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"Average Cost of Car Insurance in the US in 2020"

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