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How to ask a lawyer and get answers from legal professionals?

Updated • 2 years 6 months ago

No matter if you are living in California or any other US state, anybody can get into a situation, when legal help is needed. Many people it possible to get legal help for free and where(when) to ask a lawyer and get the best answers from experiences law firms and legal professionals? Quick answer: there are lawyers who won't ask for fees when you ask, but only for answering a question. Generally speaking, only an attorney may give actual legal advice, or otherwise represent someone who is seeking legal help.

We can help you find the right lawyer in California or answer any legal question online...

So where to find the right attorney who won't be asking for money during an initial consultation and how to prepare for it? The initial consultation with a lawyer is the time to gather some important information, fact and also an emotional rapport. To be honest, you can browse our database of law firms and single lawyers from California or google some reviews for law firms in your neighborhood. Another question: is it obvious and normal that i first have to pay my lawyer a retainer (initial) fee  before i really know if i have a case or chance to win one?

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"How to ask a lawyer and get answers from legal professionals?"

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