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3 Valuable Dating Tips for Parents in Child Custody Battle That You Must Know About

Updated • 2 years ago

One of the most delicate issues regarding child custody is the complexity of new relationships, dating, and introducing new people to the children's lives. For parents, this is going to be an emotional issue because it taps into many areas of the relationship.

Here are three issues to consider when dating other people in a child custody situation:

Keeping Your Dating Apart

Until you are positive that this is a very stable relationship, and that they are planning to be around your family for the long haul, you should try to keep your dating life away from your children. This is not easy to do, but you must try because children form bonds incredibly quickly; otherwise, you will be facing them with a sense of loss again continually.

Don't Try To Substitute Your Ex.

Don't try to create competitive situations where a new partner is somehow a 'replacement' for the old one. This will end up causing lots of tension and will end in tears. Your new partner may end up playing an essential role in their lives, but don't force it. Let whatever develops do so naturally, and don't act like a bull in a china shop.

What About The Children Of Your New Partner

Both parties already have children, and the situation can get complicated very quickly, as you may each have different ideas about how to raise children. Before committing to any such relationships, you should be sure to question each other about how the relationship is going to work.

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"3 Valuable Dating Tips for Parents in Child Custody Battle That You Must Know About"

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