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Lawyers & Law Firms

Lawyers database provides free access to legal information and a free listing of law firms, individual attorneys, lawyers and different types of legal representatives in California. You can browse, compare and filter this database by many different criteria to get the best results.

Public Schools

We provides basic and advanced information about California high schools including name, address, client testimonials as well as reviews of public schools near you and detailed contact information to both the school management and to professors and staff including phone numbers, websites or emails.


Below is a database of American institutions of higher education that are accredited and licensed in the United States. The following list (directory) contains universities and colleges across US with detailed information about each institution. You can browse, compare and filter by many different criteria to get suggested school (college) or university.

Insurance Agents

List of California insurance agents is now available for free! Browse our database of insurance companies, careers and independent insurance agents, compare insurance premiums for various kinds of insurance (homeowner's, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance) and find the best rates! You can also ask for insurance quotes!
Find & compare insurance agents near you!

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